Friday, January 4, 2013

Just Skatin' Through

Hey Preps!
My office Christmas party and New Year's Eve dresses.

First and foremost, Happy New Year!  I have been slacking big time on my posts in 2012, so one of my new hopes is to get back into more of a routine now that I am more accustomed to my ever changing work schedule.  Fingers-crossed I can stay organized enough to do so.  

Who knows I was proudly on my way to work, organized client portfolios in tote when I slipped on some ice and POOF...three client's files in a flurry in the air landing on the icky wet, sloppy, half-melted snow/ice mixture beneath my feet.  Sigh.  Typical Kalyn moment.  So I picked up the sad little parcels and moved on.  

Sometimes I feel like the clumsiest person on the planet.  You know it's bad when you start annoying yourself with your own ya feel me?  Why can't one day just work out the way I wanted it to?  Why couldn't I have proudly presented my clients with their beautiful new folders filled with wondrous programs, workouts, and nutrition hints instead of letting all that paper go to waste?  

The same goes for me when I'm out.  So it's New Year's Eve...and I am in heels that I had no business wearing because of the height on those puppies.  I mean hellloooooo wear running shoes every least start with a simple two-inch heel instead of going to the stilts first.  So, there I am all night wobbling my way across the venue we were at...wishing I had a fancy pair of sneakers I could slide into.  You get my point.

Another thing I am just not good at is wearing those new "Bodycon" dresses every single girl 'in da club' is rocking.  I am in good shape, and I feel like my bumcheeks are hanging out and I have fat suddenly developing in places that don't exist when I try them, the fact that I may be a wee bit judgemental of other ladies wearing such attire may play a factor in my self-conciousness.  I mean, let's get real...where do we typically see a bumcheek huggin', love handle makin' hoochie dress?  On some drunk girl 'in da club'.  

So what's a girl to do if she wants to have fun and look (kinda) sexy when she's out, but not look like she's trying to take home the whole football team?  My new and favorite solution is the skater dress.  It is a 50's inspired look with a wee bit of a modern feel.  Let me explain:

Okay, so let's get many girls have this exact picture in their college dorm room?  Audrey is iconic for her fashion sense.  So, how do you take a classic iconic dress and make it modern and sexy?  You add a slightly fuller, shorter skirt to the cinched waistline.  Waaaalaaaa! You have just created the skater dress! What a fabulous concept.  

The 2013 Hepburn

Above, I created a Polyvore to show you how I made outfits out of my beloved skater dresses this holiday season.  You can dress them up with heels or down with a blazer and a pair of flats.  Either way, this style of a dress is super slimming and flattering on girls who have athletic or pear-shaped bodies.  I am hooked, and I hope after this post that you will be pitching those bumcheekie dresses and opting for a classier look.  Modest is hottest you know...OYE VEY am I sarcastic today!

Best Wishes for all your 2013 endeavors!
God bless y'all!


Hannah said...

Love this! I always feel uncomfortable too when I wear body-con dresses. It's not worth it! I love your outfits!

Alyssa said...

LOVE those dresses! So cute :)

The City Boy said...

you look so pretty for the party!

Elle ;-) said...

Just stalking your life some more... & I am in absolute agreement about the "bodycon dresses". Like, ew. I saw SO MANY girls (in all shapes & sizes) each there own.... wearing them. Seriously ladies, what were you thinking? They are so unflattering and utterly cheap looking. I, like you, wore a skater dress & didn't have to worry about sucking in my little beer belly or pulling that cheapo material down to cover my bum :-) I just don't get it?

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