Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Try a Bow Tie

Hey Preps! 

For those that know me, know I am a huge sucker for bow ties.  They are just a party.  Any guy who wants to stand out in an obnoxiously classic and fun way will rock a bow tie.  I am jealous that men get to wear them...I want one!  

I was reading back through my past posts, and decided it was about time to write about my most beloved men's accessory again.  So, I did a little research, and picked out my favorite bow ties from different preppy companies shown below:

(Photo Credits: Starboard Clothing Co., Carolina Cotton Bow Ties, 
Anchored Style, High Cotton Ties)

  1.  Kau'i by Carolina Cotton Bow Ties has a great color combination.  For those gents who rock colored chino pants, this bow tie can be worn in both the summer and winter months...just match it with a pair of red chinos in the winter, or a pair of light pink/green in the winter.  Match made in heaven.
  2. Flying Scot reversible bow tie from High Cotton Ties is a perfect summer bow tie that combines classic gingham with a summer plaid.  Now who is ready for summer so they can wear this guy?
  3. Lenox Flannel bow tie from High Cotton Ties is strictly a winter tie.  I love bow ties that utilize different fabrics other than just cotton, and this is a perfect example.  Change of the texture of a bow tie to a winter fabric, add a winter plaid, and you have the perfect Christmas bow tie (a little late this year)!
  4. Whale Golf Club bow tie by Vineyard Vines, is perfect for those Bubba Watson wanna-bes who have casual summer events they are planning to attend.  I love how VV took their classic whale logo and stuck it on the ends of the golf clubs.  I'm sold.
  5. Andrew Howard Tattersall Beau by Starboard Clothing Co. is quite possibly my favorite beau of the bunch.  I am obsessed with pink and green...ya ya...you may be too, but not like me...come to my house and I will prove it to you.  The combination of my two favorite colors in a tattersall pattern.  The sky is the limit with what you can pair this bow tie with.  
  6. CPL. Spires Digital Camo Beau is a Special Edition beau by Starboard Clothing Co., and is one of the beaus I have actually purchased as a gift in the past.  It is perfect for any military gent who likes to add a little flare to his wardrobe.  The duck cloth that this bow tie is made out of, gives it a unique feel and look.  Additionally, part of the profits made from this beau is given to the Wounded Warrior Project.  A patriotic-inspired beau that supports are military?  Love the concept.
  7. Navy Signal Flag Woven Bow Tie by Anchored Style is perfect for all those sailors or nautical-living gents who lean towards a clean-cut look when picking their bow ties.  Signal flags on a woven tie gives this bow tie a classic All-American feel.  
Gents, don't be shy...try a bow tie!

(I am sitting here laughing at my own little cheesy rhyme I just made...seriously I can't stop...ahh I crack myself up.)

But really, if you want to win a girls initial approval (at least this one's) give one a try!
What is your favorite bow tie?
Have a blessed day y'all!


Jeremy Miles said...

Good to know these bow ties for men companies. I also want to buy because I'm attending a costume party and I want to wear something different.

Ruchi Rana said...

Wow great collection of bow ties for men

Unknown said...

Wow Such a great Blog . Mens Ties in UAE

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