Monday, January 28, 2013

Small Changes Lead to Big Success

Hey Preps!

Talk about being crazy busy lately...but feeling on the top of the world at the same time.  The gym I train at just launched the coolest weight-loss competition.  There are teams who compete against each other for highest fat mass loss each week (BMI).  The members of the competition go through fitness assessments, work with a nutritionist, are going through personal training sessions, and have been getting super involved in the group fitness classes.  I AM LOVING IT.  You should see the drive and passion the group members have about getting their fitness back on track.  

I write a 'Trainer Tip of the Day' article for them each day, and really have put my heart and soul into this challenge, and the people it involves.  Every person has a different story, a different reason why they are part of the challenge, and I cannot explain to you have inspirational the past two weeks have been to me.  

So, last Monday was their first weigh-in.  I noted in one of the articles I wrote that weight gain at first is normal due to water retention, muscle gain before fat loss, your body changing...etc.  I was terrified that someone would gain weight, get discouraged and quit.  My concerns were shortly crushed though when every single person (all 50) lost at least 3lbs!  I mean how cool is that?  What accountability to have 49 other people, plus fitness professionals rooting for you?  I have seen so much joy, and empowerment in the past two weeks that I think I have ever seen in my life.

Never have I been happier to go to work, knowing that I am going to help better someones life that day.  When they celebrate their accomplishments, I do too.  My heart is in this as much as their own is, and I hope and pray that they can make this challenge a lifestyle...not just something they do for eight weeks.  

That's where my own life comes in.  I remember not being able to fit into a dress I was hoping to wear to spring formal my freshman year of college.  I knew I needed to lose weight, but had no clue where to start.  I wish I had the support group my weight loss challengers do...or someone to teach me the things I can teach others now.  Weight loss was a long process for me.  There were frustrations, times where I wanted to give-up, confusion, etc.  However, the first time I fit back into my favorite pair of jeans is still one of the proudest moments of my entire life...and one that I will never forget.

Fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle...we don't have to be perfect at it, but it isn't something we can do for a week then quit for four isn't always easy, but it is so worth it.  Sure we all want to look good, but living a healthy lifestyle is so much more than being skinny.  Healthy lifestyles prevent future life problems that range from back problems to heart disease.  We have to make healthy changes not only for appearance purposes, but so we can keep being the amazing people we were created to be without poor health getting in the way.  

So what is your story?  What are your excuses?  Do you know where to start?

Every week I make small goals that I want to achieve by then end of the week...each week I change or add goals.  Doing so allows me to make small changes, ones that I know I can achieve instead of unrealistic goals that only result in failure.  

So, here is my list of goals for this week:

Weekly Goals

Remember...change doesn't happen over night.  We all have our weaknesses.  Instead of pushing our weaknesses to the side, we need to make a conscious effort to work at those weaknesses, and turn them into strengths.  Also remember that fitness and nutrition is a lifestyle...not something we can just start and stop.  Don't give up!  Even when you fail!  Get back up knowing you are stronger for it!

Have a blessed Monday y'all!


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