Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry (Late) Christmas

We are all so blessed beyond measures.  Merry Christmas everyone.  I hope you Santa gave you what you wished for, while spending such a special day with loved ones.  I also pray that everyday you remember the most amazing gift of God sending His only son to become a vulnerable human, so we all can have intricate and special relationships with Him. We are so loved.

Promise I will write tomorrow to catch up! Here are a few of my own Christmas pictures. God bless ya'll!


Max our little reindeer, asleep early (waiting for Santa)


Max with his girls :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

My Life According to Tommy Hilfiger (Spring 2011)

It's Friday night. 11:00PM.  I am a college junior.  What is wrong with this picture?
(My parents would say nothing, but I beg to differ)

After spending 14 hours mainly at my college's library today, I am hoping that my knowledge in Calculus III is that of Reimann or Newton's.  However, because I now am still bursting with energy, I feel I should indulge in something that has made my day spent in captivity a little bit brighter.  

In earlier posts, you can clearly see my love of Tommy Hilfiger.  In his Fall 2010 (Ready To Wear) Collection, we saw Tommy spice up his merry-go-round of what defines a classic wardrobe with the perfect mix of old and new variety.  For example, the traditional Duck Boots, greatly overused in the 90's, are making a huge comeback thanks to Tommy.  He has made these classic and practical shoes legendary by adding a sassy heel to them:
Tommy has once again switched up and mixed up the traditional preppy wardrobe to make his Spring 2011 (Ready To Wear) Collection his best yet.  The heel added to the Duck Boot for fall has now changed into a coveted Sperry Top-sider Wedge.  

We see the men bringing back edgier colors with Madras ties and colorful socks (and pants...but you will soon see, that has been popular for quite a while). Baby blues and pinks are brought back, as well as chunky blazers (SEERSUCKER!) paired with rolling the hems of those chinos.  
 For the ladies we see traditional fabrics such as khaki used in ways that are most unexpected.  We see double breasted blazers paired with bathing suit tops and a skirt.  Classic and sensible meets a tinge of sexy.  This truly is eye opening to the prep world.  What does Tommy call this collection? "Twisted Country Club"

I am in love....  

So, being the Tommy fiend I am, I was browsing through my personal pictures yesterday, and came across a few that had wardrobes similar to that of Tommy's Spring 2011 Collection...let me share!

Tommy Hilfiger himself looking dashingly similar to the two gentlemen whom I love with all my heart, my boyfriend and daddy. (Polo for The Cure 2010~Leukemia)

Spring 2011 collection compared to my simple button down oxford dress.  Differences? The wedged Sperry Top-Siders! 

So as I listen to the sound of my space heater at my feet, and the wind outside, I find great hope in a colorfully unique spring, that screams "bring the classics back" in a twisted new way! 

Tomorrow is Navy v. Army in Football.  BEAT ARMY! 

Thursday, December 9, 2010

To Lift a College Girl's Spirit During Finals Week

One thing that I should have been told before I started college: DO NOT MAJOR IN BIOCHEMISTRY!
It is finals week.  The week that looms over you the whole semester, and dreadfully puts a damper on my favorite month of the year.  Five finals to go...woohoo!

Pittsburgh Updates:
The Steelers beat the Ravens...13-10...thanks to my beloved #43.
One week until Pat is home!
Today's high was 21 degrees. 

Have you ever had brief moments in your life, where you look back on decisions you have made and wonder...why? Let me compare North Carolina blue skies to Pennsylvania wind, ice, and clouds.  This week really has made me miss the south.  I don't remember the last time I was warm.  (Please excuse my negativity, I promise it will go away after finals) 

However, for the girls who are also struggling through the final challenges of the semester, I have created something to lighten the mood.  Looking back at when I was a college freshman, there are a few things that I wish I had been told before the school year started. One of those things, is to always be prepared for the elements.  Whether that be, keeping to your schedule, the weather, or keeping track of your student ID card...there are some key items that make every college girl's life a great deal easier.  

This Polyvore Set is a must have list of what has helped me survive college:

The North Face 'Denali' Recycled Fleece Jacket (Big Girls), $99
Sperry Top-Sider Women's Bluefish Boat Shoe, $79
Sperry Top-Sider 'Pelican' Tall Rain Boot (Women), $68
Vera Bradley Laptop Backpack in Night and Day, $98
Coach Madison Leather Wristlet
Juicy Couture "Pedigree Jelly" Watch, 35mm, $195
Silver and synthetic pearl earrings, 35 GBP
Fairisle Winter Fur Trappr Hat - Black/Grey, 20 GBP
Red Micro Frill Umbrella, 10 GBP
Black Club Master Sunglasses by Ray-Ban, 82 GBP
"Lilly Pulitzer" Thermal Mug - Coral Me Crazy at Lilly Pulitzer, $16
Bling > Artisan Square Red Glitter Bling Frame | Making Memories: A..., $1.99
Girl's new arrivals - shoes - Girls' ribbon fleur ballet flats -..., $63
Vera Bradley Zip ID Case in Very Berry Paisley in Clothing &...

The first item on the list is a North Face fleece jacket.  These are great for fall, winter, and early spring.  You will find them popularly worn at late fall college football games usually paired with team colored scarves.  This jacket will be put to good use.

Sperry Top-Sider Boat Shoes can also be worn in any season.  They look great with jeans, shorts, skirts, and certain dresses. Convenient, Classic, Comfortable. 

Rain Boots, are an obsession of mine (if you couldn't tell). They have great traction, and can be worn in the snow just as easily as in the rain.  Once again, convenient fashion statement that gives you a free range of individuality through the colors, heights, and styles of the boots.

Vera Bradley Laptop life saver! It is such a preppy staple, but has enough room to fit a whole days worth of books, flash cards, pens, and has a secret protective compartment designed to help you tote your laptop around insuring it's safety.  

Coach Wristlets are essential for nights out.  I have found in my past that I am very skilled at losing things.  Wristlets allow you to keep your IDs, money, lipstick, cell phone together while fashionably keeping it attached to your wrist.  

Walking into class late is embarrassing.  Professors also tend to frown upon tardiness.  Watches are a cute daily accessory that keep you fashionably on time. 

Umbrellas. Unique and keep you dry.

Lilly Pulitzer thermal mugs are adorable! The definition of preppy! They allow you to stay environmentally friendly by reusing them daily, they come in many different cute Lilly patterns, and most importantly they encourage caffeine intake... necessary for surviving college!

Ballet flats come in all colors, designs, fabrics, patterns...they are comfy and perfect to wear with any outfit.  

A pair of black pumps are great to have in your shoe collection because regardless of the color or event, a pair of basic black heels will be frequently used.  

Finally, the last item I will comment on...the zip ID case by Vera Bradley.  These are life savers! Mine has been used for my school ID, a few important other cards, my dorm keys, and my car keys.  They are easy to attach to bags, have a plastic covering that allow you to see whether your ID is in it or not, and are the greatest thing if you are just walking to the Cafe.  

Good luck with finals to mentally prepare myself for another night of books. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nu Beta Chi...Go Navy...Beat Army!

Colorado. Known for it's skiing, adventurous landscape...oh and for stealing my boyfriend for the past semester while he did an exchange at The Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. This gave me a great excuse to explore Colorado upon several visits to see Pat. (Although I was much more eager to see Pat than Colorado, in all honesty). The first visit, Pat and I had the opportunity to explore The Broadmoor Hotel, which was built as one of the last stops before the mountains. We also were able to visit The Garden of the Gods where we did some hiking and took way too many pictures.
Pat and I at Garden of the Gods

However, I also got to meet and spend time with Pat's fellow midshipmen who were also exchanging at Air Force for the semester. From the very beginning the Navy boys have stuck together. They are inseparable in most aspects...sometimes it makes me question... :) However, from being arrested during Navy v. Air Force week, to golfing, and planning weekend excursions, these strapping young men have created their own fraternity that they have named: Nu Beta Chi (NBX).

The men of NBX have even gone to such lengths as to create their own lacrosse reversible pinnies. These pinnies were gifted to their girlfriends on my second trip out to Colorado when we all stayed in a cabin in the middle of the mountains for the weekend.
The Infamous NBX Pinnies
The Cabin
However, like I have said many times before, my boyfriend has quite good taste when picking out his wardrobe. The men of NBX have also proven themselves as upstanding and capable of performing well in the strict approval of the fashion world. So, as I countdown the days until Pat will be home and not across the country, (11) I would like to dedicate this post to the Colorado adventures, and to the style of NBX.

NBX Weekend Golf

Below is a NBX Inspired Polyvore

As this week approaches a big weekend in Navy traditions, I hope ya'll will turn your attention to the Navy v. Army football game next weekend...and one thing...BLUE AND GOLD...Beat Army!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When Life Gives You Rain...Wear Rain Boots!

Oh there are days I miss the south.

Blue skies. Warmer weather. Dresses all year.

As a college student, the south was prime for walking to class weather, making my wardrobe as easy as a dress and a pair of flats. This past week in Pittsburgh (by the way...another win for the Steelers making us 8 and 3), has been miserable. Rain for the first two days of the week, and now a great welcome to December with a blizzard. I am sick. Frozen to my core...and wondering how I will be able to walk to class in the elements...let alone keep my status as fashionista?

One great thing the south did teach me was: rain boots rain boots rain boots! If it rains, wear rain boots with a dress. If it snows, wear rain boots with jeans. They really are God's gift to a college girl. They can be basic, and worn with everything, or can be a crazy pattern that makes your outfit standout. Yet, rain boots in my opinion, are ALWAYS considered preppy.

For example, I have two sets of rain boots. A pink plaid pair with a slight wedge heel...meant to dress up my outfit, and a pair of navy blue flat rain boots that can be worn with virtually anything (but let's not get carried away...a cardigan and jeans will do). I have a Coach umbrella that is quite colorful and unique and is also a fashion statement.

As a new "Yankee" college student, I have also taken comfort in my Columbia rain jacket that comes with a duck hood :). I have a new appreciation for it, and the way it keeps my hair dry. So, as winter looks like it is here to stay, I encourage you to whip out a new kind of boot to face the trenches that is waterproof, warm, and oh so preppy.