Friday, September 30, 2011

'Fall' in Love with Tommy

Hey Preps!

Penny loafers, corduroys, tweed... Hello Fall clothes! Although I am not partial to the wintry weather ahead, I do love fall.  I love the changing of leaves, Fall festivals, and (most importantly) Fall clothes!  As someone who tends to dress in classic wears, there is no better time of the year to express my style than right now!

Many of you know that I have a mild obsession with designer, Tommy Hilfiger.  Yesterday I was shopping with my sister and an iconic picture of Tommy was hanging from a Macy's ad.  I waved at him, like he was there.  Yes, that is right...I acknowledged a picture of Mr. Hilfiger like it was he himself present.  My sister lost it.  She thinks I'm crazy.

So, now you know how weird I am (if you didn't already) and that I love Tommy.  What you don't know is that I am in love with his 2011 Fall (Ready to Wear) Collection...

From cute cords, cropped blazers, perfectly preppy shoes, and chunky sweaters...Hilfiger has created a masterpiece for the lady preps to example this Fall:

The perfect balance found in the chunky sweater paired with
dainty knee socks, and adorable heeled loafers...boyfriend with a feminine twist.

An outfit that I will be adding to my 'school wears' inspiration.
I have a tweed blazer that is worn too frequently...the extra flare 
added with the plaid button-down.  I adore the dark skinny jeans...very flattering

Wool shorts are a fashion trend I have been dying to try.  The tights are
a great balance to the plaid pattern, and the belt worn is a great accessory.
As for the shoes...I DIE.

Loving the color combination here....olive, plumish, navy, pale blue?
Very creative, and it looks great! I love the skirt and how it is cinched with 
the same belt from above...I tend to wear skirts with oxford shirts on a weekly basis. 

Hi penny loafers!  They are my favorite shoe in the entire world.
I like how they are paired with an edgier pant like these paint distressed skinny jeans,
and the preppy wool blazer pulls together a classic look. 

This reminds me of what my mom would have dressed me in...
back in the day...pennies in the loafers and all.  I love the jacket!

This outfit is great, I currently am freezing, and she just
looks so toasty.  I have a jacket/blazer just like this, and I love pairing it 
with cords...this color of a cord is not traditional, but fits perfectly with
a classic wardrobe's color scheme!

For the Gents, Tommy has put together some creative wardrobe accents that I would love to see y'all in:

This chunky sweater reminds me of my childhood. 
I love the wintry patterns, and the fact that is a button-up.
It is a suave casual look when paired with the
 jeans and casual oxford shoes.

Not sure how I feel about this he GIGGLING?
What is he doing? I keep laughing when I look at it, so I'm just gonna
scroll down and avoid it.  However, I do love the jacket he is modeling!

He is just so cute (on the contrary)! Love the combination
of patterns used in contrasting the underlaying button-down oxford 
with the adorable v-neck patterned sweater.  Do you know
any guys who cuff their jeans like this? Hook me up! (Pat don't read this)

Hello, we can get married now...only if you wear this
sweater to our wedding...
This sweater is like an ugly sweater party but it's not ugly?
I love that Tommy incorporated his Hounds into a sweater.  Adorable
What I really am fond of is those pants! Wowzers!

I love vests.  On guys.  Paired with this sweater,
perfect Tommy.  

Finally, my favorite of all...all you Gents;
Casual classic.  I love the layering.
I love the blazer.
I love the jeans (cuffed again).
Shoes are an A+

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.  I love you.
What do y'all think?


The City Boy said...

Tommy's line has gotten SO much better. I want everything you pictured. But i would really love that duffle coat and sweater with the dog. I think im going to go check out his website now! :)

have a good weekend!

Kori Donahue said...

I usually don't like Tommy but am loving the line this year! Have a great weekend! Oh, btw your post is perfect for my Fashion Friday Linkup...if you want to link up with me, just head over and ADD YOUR LINK, BUT MAKE SURE TO EDIT YOUR POST AND ADD MY BUTTON OR LINK BACK TO ME!!! (EDIT AND REPUBLISH YOUR POST).

While you're there, don't forget to enter my 2 year blogoversary giveaway!

Kori xoxo

Grace said...

While I always seem to like the designs, I still can't get over how the anchor tote I bought there in summer didn't even last a week until the lining ripped out. I love the chinos, though; I'm just sticking to Kate Spade and Longchamp as far as handbags go!

BAH said...

Plaid and peacoats ... perfection!

Ashley Brooke said...

I've been so surprised at how much i've been liking tommy's recent collections. I found a bunch of great pieces recently for my husband from the tommy line, but i'm excited to see some of the cute women's collection in this post!

shi zhan said...

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