Thursday, September 1, 2011

Check Yoself

Hey Preps!

Tomorrow is finally Friday! Did anyone else seem like this week went by slowly?  Maybe my senioritis is kicking in...I won't complain about my homework tonight, even though I have just completed a tedious amount.

Currently, I am taking a writing course.  Today I learned how terrible my grammar and writing is in every single one of my posts.  I was aware of this before, but now I cannot type without trying to avoid some of my common mistakes.  Greaaaaaaaaat.  How's that spelling for you Dr. Snyder?  

I'm completely kidding, yet at the same time I am not even enjoying writing my terrible sentences at the moment.

Therefore, I think I need to cut to the chase.  I made a collage of all my outfits this week, just so you could see what my first week of classes looked like:

Pretty simple, comfy, weather appropriate outfits.  
I am way too practical sometimes.  

In honor of my first week of class outfits, I thought I'd share a few highlights (and terrible moments) from my first week of senior year:
  • Long long story short, one of my professors knows one of my best friends from my previous university.
  • Today the second I stepped out my car, it started pouring.  You see my school has weather patterns that specifically plan out their natural disasters to the very moment I have to walk up a huge mountain to get to classes.  Today the heavens decided to open up, but I came prepared.  Had my ducky jacket.  I would explain...
  • Late to class because of my rain issues, tried to sneak in without being noticed...and I sneeze.  Just wanted everyone to know I was there...
  • My school is Catholic = monks as professors.  Yessssss!
  • Having my writing professor tell us to "CHECK YOSELF FIRST BEFORE YO CHECK HIM" with an attempt to make the West Coast hand symbol...I almost peed
  • I'm already doodling in class....

That's all I have for right now...How's the rest of the college kiddos' weeks going?


The City Boy said...

ugh writing classes are THE much work every night. Im kinda nervous about my first week of classes next week

Morgan Anne said...

You look so cute in all of your classes! Good luck to you in your new classes! PS. I have been doodling since day 2 :)


Raulston said...

Classes begin next week and the load is going to be rather..well....loaded. Hang in there and enjoy the long weekend!

Grace said...

Cute outfits! And it sounds like you have had a pretty eventful first week. :)

M said...
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M said...

there is a school near my home where monks are professors random!

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