Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday, Do you Exist?

Hey Preps!

Wowzers.  What a week it has been.  I forgot what an addiction to caffeine I form during the school year.  It is 10:30 in the morning and I already have had two cups of coffee, and am currently sipping on Chai tea. No motivation.  None.  I have class in an hour and I just don't even want to attend.  I am currently freezing, and I feel as if every time I write a post I complain now.  SORRY!

Just yawned.  Someone laughed at how huge my yawn was.  You want to know something?  When Pat and I first started dating I wouldn't let him see me yawn.  Nope.  I was embarrassed of it.  I still am, but now I just don't care.  However, I still have this tendency to hold it in until I can't even stand it anymore; letting out the largest yawn you have ever seen.  My dad always says that he's surprised I haven't swallowed any bugs because of them...  Thanks? Glad I haven't.

As you can see I have a ton of ADHD going on this morning.  I really am half alive.  So, I made a quick Polyvore showing you what I am wearing today.  It is chilly here today.  Boo.  I still am on the internal clockwork of the South where it shouldn't be this cold until late October (and this is as cold as it gets).  I really don't even want to think about snow or freezing temperatures.  Yet here I am, already wearing jeans and layers to class...

Why Is it Only Thursday?

J Crew wool jacket
$200 -

Abercrombie & Fitch vintage jeans
$54 -

Tory burch boots
$495 -

Longchamp tote bag
$145 -

MICHAEL Michael Kors crystal watch
$250 -

Boys' Secret Wash shirt in jenson gingham
$40 -

First on the list you will see a wool blazer.  Mine is technically tweed but looks identical to this J.Crew one.  Please don't be ashamed of me when you see that next on the list are Jeggings...from Abercrombie. I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit my waste and don't sag too much in the butt.  I mean I want to look like I have a little bit of a booty, but I am not the type of person to be caught in anything skin tight.  I get made fun of for wearing "mom clothes".

Whatever.  I don't care, because I'd rather be a little more conservative than I need to be than show all of my goods to the whole college population.  I always have been that way.  So back to the Jeggings.  They are ridiculously comfy, stretchy, and are form fitting but not in the gross, "muffin top" way.  I love the dark wash of them.  I think it's a little more classic than traditional jeans.  Plus I have always been taught that darker jeans are more slimming.

I pair my Jeggings with the prize of my shoe collection; Tory Burch Boots.  They make me happy.  Yep, just looked at them.  They are just the best, and so comfy!  I love how classic they are, and the fact I can pair them with so many different outfits.

Next on the list, my large Longchamp bag.  I usually just carry it and my binder to classes on these days since I only have a small book for one of my classes.  The bag is big enough to throw the book, flashcards, my Lilly P. binder and whatever else in it.  I am obsessed with Longchamp bags.  Everytime I see someone on campus with one, I secretly give them a thumbs up in my head.  Then I think I'd probably be friends with them if I knew them...probably not though, because if they knew I was giving them "mind thumbs ups" they'd probably think I was the biggest weirdo.  Which I am.

Michael Kors is one of my favorite designers.  The next item on the list is a crystal watch he designed.  I always have to have a watch on, it may be my only jewelry of the day, but I go crazy if I don't know what time it is.  Some of the classrooms at my college have clocks, but most do not.  So it's nice to have a watch so I can glance at the time and count down the minutes until I am free.  Yet wearing a watch has also helped me stay timely throughout my college career.  I highly recommend you wear one!

Finally, Gingham is making a huge comeback this season.  Not sure how I feel when I see people misusing Gingham because it is supposed to be paired with a traditional wardrobe.  To each his own...I guess.  It took me a long time to find a Gingham shirt that I absolutely had to buy.  Lands End Canvas and J. Crew were the only two stores I found the blue Gingham I was in search of...and oh, I definitely purchased a men's shirt from J. Crew.  It was cheaper, and I liked the blue better than the women's shirt.  Don't judge!

So there you have it, my in depth post on what I am wearing.  Sure you are thrilled you read through this whole post of randomness!  Hope you all are staying warm and dry!  Happy Thursday...last night of studying before the weekend (where I will be heading to Colombia, SC to watch Navy take on the excited to be down South for a football game again)!

Hope y'all have a blessed day!


The City Boy said...

this week does feel never ending....thank god my weekend has officially started though!! :)

I LOVE your outfit

Grace said...

Ah, I covet your Tory Burch boots! I've been lusting after those. :) Oh, and I have the same Longchamp; great minds think alike!

KathleenSmiles said...

I saw your boyfriend, Pat, at the USC vs. USNA game on Saturday. Such a coincidence! Love your blog. <3

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