Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's So Funny?

Hey Preps!

Do you ever have those days where everything is funny?  Today I am in the most sarcastic mood.  I sit in class and silently crack up listening to my professors.  I have this one professor.  He's bald.  Technically he shaves his head, but I will call him Dr. Baldy for now.  He's my favorite professor ever.

Secretly he's a red head, but he tries to hide this by shaving his head.  Fail.  His eyebrows give his true ginger qualities away.  He smokes a cigar before every class, and though I disapprove of this unhealthy choice, I do love the aura of smells from the cigar that linger in our classroom.

While watching him today, I noticed something.  A hair.  On his head.  A single tiny strand protruding from the crown of his head.  Oh gosh, it got me.  All of class I just stared at that little tiny hair.  I wanted to get up and pluck it.

See what I mean?  I'm pretty delirious right now.  Already this week I have completed four tests, three papers, and still have two stinkin' lab reports to go.  Isn't senior year supposed to be the fun year?

Outfit of the Day:
Polo Ralph Lauren Oxford
J. Crew Corduroy Mini Skirt
L.L. Bean Coastal Skimmers
Vintage Dooney & Bourke Shoulder Bag

Only three more classes to go today!  Hope y'all are having funny weeks as well!  Stay tuned, I will be writing at work tonight!  Yep, writing on the job.  Woohoo!


Morgan Anne said...

love those shoes, super cute!! And the bag is awesome too! I have a wallet from that collection passed down from my great grandmother! Dooney is a classic staple!

Morgan Anne

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

I cracked up just envisioning the hair on his head. I think I may have lost it in class if I were there. Love your outfit!

The City Boy said...

i feel so delirious right now as well! I really like the Bean skimmers...ive never seen them before

Summer Wind said...

Cute outfit! Love seeing a picture of the South Side! It makes me miss home!!!

Grace said...

Cute outfit; I have those same flats! :) That's kind of hilarious about your professor.

ShortBlonde said...

What is it with red-haired men shaving their heads? I think guys should embrace their ginger roots...

Kate said...

Really cute outfit! Love the grey and pink combo

I've had days like that too. Actually once a week at least. I used to think about funny things during class and start smiling or laughing

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