Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back in My Day, We had Syllabus Week

Hey Preps!

Swamped already!  Seriously.  I just added up all the reading I have to do by Friday, 301 pages.  Are you kidding me?  What happened to "Syllabus Week" where professors told you not to plagiarize, come to class, and do your homework; then sent you on your merry way?

Every single class I have had kept me until the time limit was up, gave me readings, homework, and I have tests next week already?  COME ON PROFESSORS! They are just way too excited to be teaching again. I don't like it.  Nope.

You wanna know something else?

THREE of my books have zero pictures.  Just text, no pictures that my ADHD can look at for a moment to keep me reading my marathon of pages due.

Oh, and yes, today in my Biochem lab...I broke a beaker.  Great first impression.  Fabulous. Wonderful. He was not very happy.  Plus, I had to stay late to re-do the lab...

"Hi, My name is Kalyn...and I break things a lot.  Oh, and yeah I'm a senior, and Biochem is my major...
...no I'm not joking...I actually have spent the last three years in lab after lab."

(Vintage Lacoste Polo from Momma, Ralph Lauren D-Ring Belt,
 Tommy Hilfiger Chino Pants, Sailor Knot Bracelet, ALFANI Flats)

My pants made me happy today though.
Nantucket Red Chinos from Tommy Hilfiger.
My philosophy professor told me I looked like an American flag.
I cracked a joke...at least one of my professors doesn't think I am a clumsy kid...

How's everyone else's week going?


Grace said...

Your outfit is adorable! I had syllabus's for the first day, but just yesterday I was assigned 75 pages to read in one night--uh, what?

Raulston said...

Exceptional wears!. We do not start at Penn until the 7th and my first class is on the 8th (looks like we already have a few classes in common) best of luck this week!

sSe said...

Preach sister! I canot believe I already have so much reading and other work to do this week. Professors seem to really be into their jobs this year. What ever happened to the fancy free first week?

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