Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fall Trend: Bright Colors...Old News In the Prep World

Hey Preps!

Today I was browsing through some magazines my momma had around, and saw a common fall theme trending...bright colors.  I scanned a few pictures of this trend, and was indifferent with what I saw.  Sure, fuchsia heels are every girl's dream, yet in my opinion, preps rock the colors better.

Especially when it comes to fall apparel.  From reds like burgundy corduroys to the classic Nantucket red chinos, I absolutely love preps in the fall.  They look like leaves.  Ok, perhaps that's a tacky comparison.  However, when I think fall classic wardrobe, I think reds, blues, yellows, and greens.  I am not talking about canary yellow...I am talking camel and mustard.  Greens can be hunter or perhaps a military green.

Here are a few examples of what I am talking about:

"Meet the Hilfigers" in Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 2010 Ad Campaign has the perfect combination of the Nantucket/burgundy reds, camel, and navy.  No one does it better than Tommy when it comes to fall brights...matter of fact, I just bought a pair of Nantucket red chinos from Tommy.

Once again, "Meet the Hilfigers" by Tommy Hilfiger, but a year later for his Fall/Winter 2011 ad campaign.  In this ad we see a little more greens and navy...but he still sticks to his classic ways by keeping slight amounts of his bright reds and camel...and a dash of bright yellow to twist things up a bit.

Lands End Canvas is a brand I highly recommend.  I absolutely love all of their pants. I have a pair of every shown above.  Yes, obsessed...I know.  In this ad the greens are worn perfectly.  I love the combination of the military green wrap sweater combined with the straight chinos.  The shoes in the third picture are a perfect hint of the military green added to the bright red skinny belt, and gray chinos.  Finally, the slouch chinos are perfect in military green!
For the gentlemen, Lands End Canvas has some great colors in the chino pants.  I especially like the blue and green ones shown above.

Below are a few examples of my own for fall brights:
Pat wearing Nantucket red chino pants combined with a navy sailboat tie from Vineyard Vines

Combining caramel cords, a navy blazer, and a red and navy plaid button down.

So...who is ready to whip out the fall brights?


Grace said...

I've really been liking Hilfiger's fall ad campaigns, too! Love your outfit there; the boots are fab.

Gina said...

I think you look so much like Blake Lively, do you ever get that? You have excellent taste!

Katrina said...

Can you link the Tommy nantucket red chinos you just bought?

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