Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shoes for the Collegiate Girl

Hey Preps!

Summer is quickly coming to an end, and in between organizing my life for the upcoming semester, and saying goodbye to friends as they depart for their last year of college...I think it is important to also take inventory of my closet, and prepare it for the upcoming school year.  One thing I have become over my past three years of college is a "OCD note-taking, planner living, overly organized freak".  Everything in my closet is organized by style and color...everything is ironed...and you bet I make my bed every morning.

For a college student, this is not normal.  Not at all.  Unless you go to Navy and are an even bigger weirdo than myself like Pat.  Who is currently not speaking to me because he just loves school so much.  I'm not even kidding.

So today on the agenda of my organizing fun has been my shoes.  Fact is, I have way too many.  So, I went through, got rid of a few pairs of beloved flats (that I have been in denial that they have had their time to shine for about a year too long), polished my loafers, waterproofed a few pairs, and came up with a list I thought I would share with you...

Every college girl is busy.  Regardless of where you go to school there will be times where you have to dress up, dress down...and especially for the northern college ladies, there are sadly too many times where weather is a factor in what you must where on your feet.

I don't even want to think about snow...yuck.  I seriously just got sick to my stomach.  (Does anyone else think their campus is a constant wind tunnel that funnels the cold directly to you?  I swear my school's weather hates me)

So, as the days get shorter and fall is on it's way...I made a Polyvore of the shoes I find the classiest, sassiest, and most convenient for every college girl with explanations of each below:

Fall Shoes For The Collegiate Preppy

Fall Shoes For The Collegiate Preppy by pittsburghprep featuring leather shoes

  1. First on the list are Sperry Top-Sider Anglefish Loafers.  Last fall, my sister told me that my classic boat shoes looked like man shoes.  Great.  Thanks sissy.  I still love my traditional boat shoes, but the Angelfish Loafers are a tad bit more feminine, not to mention they have great support and traction.  I wear mine several times a week.
  2. Penny Loafers.  Boy did I hate them when I was little.  I went to a private school, and every morning before school, it was a fight with my mom.  She practically would choke me as she rolled down the top of my turtleneck, and she insisted I wear Penny Loafers instead of Mary Janes like all the other girls were wearing.  To this day, I still hate when anyone touches my neck thanks to those dreaded turtlenecks...however, my mom is so pleased that I now am in love with Penny Loafers.  They look good dressed up or dressed down.  I wear them with casual skirts, jeans, chino name it.  I'm hooked.
  3. Hunter Boots saved me last winter.  They have great traction, and also have great wool inserts you can buy to keep your feet toasty.  I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I wear my Hunter Boots daily...just around the house in gym shorts.  They are just so convenient and look great with a preppy wardrobe.  I just feel so adventurous in them.  Just call me nature girl.
  4. Before I start, these are my favorite shoes. Ever.  Sperry knows how to do things right when it comes to their Shearwater Boot.  It is waterproof, has great traction, comfy, and has fleece inside! Perfect for winter weather!  I love the plaid pattern of them too, you wouldn't believe how many compliments I get from these suckers.
  5. Sperry Top-Sider "A/O" 2-Eye Lace Leather Boat Shoes.  That's a mouth full.  But I love mine.  Some people have shared their mixed opinions with the white soles of these shoes, but I like them.  They are something a little out of the ordinary and look great with fall colors.  
  6. This style of Sperry is a more classic color.  These are the man shoes my sister refers to.  They are the 75th Anniversary inspired boat shoe, and I wear these more than any other shoe.  
  7. Ugg Moccasins.  SO WARM.  I am one who tends to get cold very easily, like right now...These are a lifesaver.  It's like sitting by a fireplace the whole time you are wearing them.  Wish I had mine on right now.
  8. Tory Burch Leather Boots are my splurge.  I baby them.  Only wear them when they won't get wet.  It's terrible.  But they are such a classic boot, and great to wear with an oxford button down, a blazer, and skinny jeans.
  9. L.L. Bean Boots.  Duck boots also have been something I have grown up in.  They are great for facing any element of weather, and are a classic staple in every wardrobe.  Just check out Tommy Hilfiger's Fall 2010 Ad Campaign.  The obsession is not mine alone.  
  10. Oxford Ballet Flats are a trend that I have fallen for.  J. Crew and Lands End Canvas offer great options for these.  Flats are a great way to make a casual outfit girly, and can be a great way for a preppy girl to add some differentiation to her outfit.
  11. Okay, please seriously take my recommendation on these shoes.  L.L. Bean Coastal Skimmers are fabulous.  They are every prep's dream.  Waterproof, feminine, classic...I am so glad I have a pair, truly great for any type of weather, and I wear mine with anything from dresses, to jeans.
  12. The new "ballet" Ballet flat trend has really caught my eye.  Last spring I was browsing around Gap, and found a pair of these that you can stick in your purse on a night out.  They literally fold up and get fit in very small spaces...and if any of you are like me, I can only do heels for so long, so these types of flats are great to have on a night out.  
  13. My new favorite shoe? The Sebago Spinnaker Boat Shoe.  Complete tradition with a twist.  I just bought these, and have been sporting them everywhere.
  14. Remember how I was jealous of those Mary Jane wearers in grade school? Not anymore.  These heels remind me of the Mary Jane days, but still keep to the classic basics.  I really struggle with finding heels, I don't like mine super high...I have narrow feet so a lot of heels fall off of my feet, so the straps on these heels are great at making sure I don't have any huge falls (even though I tend to trip regardless).
  15. Once can never have too many ballet flats.
  16. Did any of you wear saddle shoes back in the day? I sure did.  Learned to tie my shoes on them.  The new oxford shoes remind me of them in some ways.  However, I'm not sure if I can pull of the oxford shoes in the flat I am gonna see if I can pull them off in a heel... my only issue is I am not sure what I will wear with them yet...
So there you have shoes are ready to go for this upcoming school year...regardless of whether I am or not.  Do you guys have any fall shoes you are dying to sport?

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The City Boy said...

talk about wind buildings! haha. OBSESSED with those tory burch boots

Kristine Elizabeth said...

I love shoes! I have a very similar post on my blog. We overlap in some areas of shoe necessities. I love seeing the differences though :)

Jackie Sue said...

i'm a new follower! so excited i found you... i've been looking for some new fall shoes & this just made my day!

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