Wednesday, August 17, 2011

College Football Season: Brooks Brothers Finest Fifteen

Hey Preps!

This summer, it was brought to my attention that Brooks Brothers would be releasing a collegiate line of clothing.  They strategically picked fifteen schools:

University of Alabama
Auburn University
Boston College
Colombia University
Cornell University
Georgetown University
United States Naval Academy
New York University
University of Notre Dame
Ohio State University
Princeton University
Stanford University
Vanderbilt University
University of Virginia
Yale University

Given that Navy is on the list, I excitedly posted about the anticipation of this great collection...which you can find here.  I am happy to say that the collection has been released, and just in time for the start of one of America's favorite past times.  COLLEGE FOOTBALL!

(Photo courtesy of Brooks Brothers)

So who will you be rooting for this upcoming season?

So what could Navy Midshipmen be sporting during away games (Second and First Class only)?

United States Naval Academy Chevron Tie

United States Naval Academy Guard Stripe Tie

United States Naval Academy All-Over Logo Tie

Perhaps one of these fine ties?

Or maybe your choice of a wool Crewneck or V-neck Sweater for a colder game?

Or maybe a button down with the Academy's insignia on the sleeve?

As my senior year of college begins...and football season starts...Brooks Brothers once again raises the bar.  Who's ready to play ball?


The City Boy said...

i need to get an NYU v-neck!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

This will make a great birthday gift for my brother! Looks like we're going to have matching Ohio State sweaters.

Preppy Buckeye said...

Love that they are making Ohio State apparel :)

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