Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweaty Made Preppy?

Hey Preps!

Do you ever have those days where the hairs on your head are just not agreeing with you?  I do.  Daily.  During the school year I usually throw those feisty hairs into a braid or tease them into a big bun.  It all stems from the fact that with everything going on in my life, I sometimes just don't have time to flat iron my hair.

In the summer I tend to let my hair air dry.  It has a pretty neat wave to it and it I put a little of shaping gel in it, I'm good to go.  However, in the colder months I tend to shower the night before and when I wake hair is a nappy mess...regardless of what I did to prevent so.

My dad and sister are currently in Cincinnati watching my dad's favorite tennis player, Roger Federer take on the Cincinnati Masters...and my sister sends me a text: "Google Sweaty Bands".  Okay.  Sounds a little weird, but I did it...and this is what I found:

"We’ve turned perspiration into a fashion sensation! Sweaty Bands are the ultimate sports and fitness headband, uniquely designed for women and girls who want to show their style, even when they sweat a while! Slip into one today and become a Sweaty Bands believer."
-Sweaty Bands Website

Cute, comfortable, headbands that keep your disagreeing hairs out of your face.  I am a little bit obsessed.  

Here are a few of my favorites:

Nautical themed, this would be fun to wear with a simple navy and red color scheme

Pink, Green, favorite colors...and argyle?  I die!

This was inspired after my puppy, Max.  I know it.

What East Coast Preppy could pass this one up?

Pink and Green Lobsters

American themed...perhaps a good accessory for a Navy Game?

I think I prefer the blue over the red of the Nautical themed Sweaty Band

Aren't these just the greatest?


Raquel said...

I love the blue nautical one! So cute

The City Boy said...

they are so much more interesting than lululemon ones

Grace said...

Those are so adorable; I'm especially loving the argyle one! So cool that they get to watch Federer, too! I love your blog; I'm now following. :)

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