Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheese Fries and Apple Dumplings: OOTD

Hey Preps!

Last night I went to a county fair.  Very eventful.  I ate junk, pet lambs (my favorite!), and went on a few rides...that made me regret the food I ate.  The past few nights it has been chilly in Pittsburgh, so I whipped out my J. Crew madras button-down and a pair of skinny jeans to cover both my weather and country themed areas.

One of my last hoorahs before school starts on Monday.
Yes. School.
My very last, first day of college.  Senior year.  The finale.  
22 hours this semester.
I am completely terrified. 

Stay tuned, I have been working on a few posts today, since it seems to be the only free day of the week!
Hope y'all are having great weeks...and to those of you who have started/are starting college the next few weeks, I wish you the best of luck!


Turtles and Pearls said...

I love going to the fair. Have a great start to the semester! This is my second day of class and I'm already struggling to get going.

Veronica Case said...

ugh, I'm almost done with week one of school. Lucky lucky you :) and I remember this one time when I went to a county fair with someone who looks just like you. I stuffed my face with pulled-pork sandwiches and I, too, regretted my food choice after riding rides. I was paying tribute to the porcelain god that night...OH WAIT. you were there :D haha! MISS YOU

Veronica Case said...



Jessica said...

You look so cute in this pic! I love your hair here!

Grace said...

Ooh, that J. Crew madaras top is really darling! Best of luck with your senior year!

The City Boy said...

good luck this kinda worried about my classes as well!

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