Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Computer...Strike Three

Hey Preps!

So it's been a week...and let me tell you why...

My computer likes to break a lot.  Especially when I am doing something important...perhaps writing a lab or organizing files I must keep.

So she's currently in the shop...and I am currently computer-less.  It's kinda nice except for the fact that I have some great blog post ideas that I can't write currently.

Anyways, check these out:
These are the Spinnaker Boat Shoes 
from Sebago

I am buying them.  Right now.  On Ebay.
Retail Therapy due to my separation anxiety from my computer.
It happens. 

Hang tight, I will be officially back asap!
Hope y'all have a blessed week!


The City Boy said...

i love seabago...need to get a pair!

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