Monday, October 24, 2011

Military Formation: In a Purse

Hey Preps!

Does this look like fun? Meet the United States Naval Academy's 'Brigade of Midshipmen'.  This is during their march on at the Navy v. East Carolina football game...I am not sure if I would personally enjoy doing such an activity (and at the consistency they have to do so), but it's fun to watch.  We also throw candy at the Mids as they march past outside the stadium...but that's besides the point...the point I am getting at is:

I could not march, stand, do any of what they do so frequently.  I would fidget, or need to talk or scream or something. I actually think I would burst out laughing...because that is what I do when there is silence. 

However, something I could manage to do is buy one of these military inspired purses from Kate Spade:

Fox Chapel Charlie by Kate Spade (comes in Black, Camel, and Geranium)

 Fox Chapel Renee (in Black and Camel)

Fox Chapel Shari (in Black, Camel, and Geranium)

Who needs a military jacket (or man) when you have one of these? 
Have a great Monday y'all!


The City Boy said...

i always start laughing in situations when everyone else is silent too!

are these kate spade bags new? Love them

Grace said...

I saw a similar bag a while back and loved the concept, but a Kate Spade? Now that I can't resist!

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