Thursday, February 24, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • My Evolution and Systematics professor could not seem to get the DVD player on her laptop to work.  My mistake? Offering mine up for her use (mainly because I logically thought that would mean no lecture, just movie).  She flips open my screen.  There is my background...Pat in his dress whites uniform, and I dressed up for the Flight 93 Memorial service.  This turns into a fifteen minute question and answer with her about Pat and The United States Naval Academy (yes, I bolded it...Pat will be proud).  The only issue? My entire class was dead silent, intently listening to Kalyn's love life.  I just wanted to shout, "AS YOU WERE!" (make Pat proud again)
  • My bright red snowflake socks that you could see beneath my Sperry's.  It was cold! I don't like cold toes! People noticed.  My feet were a constant distraction all day.  I am now aspiring to be a foot model.  Any takers?
  • Sprinting my little legs out at the gym today after lacrosse practice (getting cruise ready), and seeing my high school boyfriend of three years for the first time in about a year.  I was looking FINE let me tell you.  Sweat pouring out of me, red faced, puffing away, and he decides to come talk to me.  Not my best conversation for sure.  However, you want to know a secret? Pat makes him look like a twig.  I'm talking I could probably break this guy in half now.  Pat also makes him look like a complete scrub...but I will be nice.  It's just awesome to look back on life, and see why God closed doors you really wanted left open. If I didn't move south to college initially, I would never have met Pat in the crazy way I did...I would be a very different person.  Sometimes you just have to thank God he didn't let you get what you wanted. Regardless, ex-boyfriend and I are on good terms. 
  • All tests and assignments are completed.  Tomorrow is Friday, but is also the start of SPRING BREAK! Woo hoo getting crazy in south-of-the-boarder Pittsburgh!  However, tomorrow means two weeks until Pat and I are cruising the Caribbean.  No complaints.
  • Saturday is an official shopping spree through Annapolis and possibly Georgetown for Pat and I.  (Pat's idea mind you) We are getting cruise apparel!
  • Today Pat and I have been dating for a very long time.  He's pretty awesome.  I'm pretty mushy. 
  • My dad discussing polite nose picking techniques with me at dinner.  Or is that awkward?

Currently, I am putting together some borderline wintery/spring outfits to wear to Annapolis this weekend that are crisp and won't cause me to freeze, and I thought I'd show you my inspirations:
This one is my top pick, I love the tweed blazer.
The buttons give it a military feel, while the crisp white blouse
paired with a casual high-waisted skirt balance it off perfectly.
In LOVE with her clutch!

How could this be anymore perfect?
It makes me want to speed to Pat and Annapolis.
(Speeding is going five over the speed limit in Kalyn's book)

How's everyone's weekends looking?


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