Monday, February 28, 2011

Cruisin' With Style...Dreaming of Sunny Days Ahead

12 Days.
That is the current countdown until...
Mexico, Grand Cayman, Florida
Warm Weather.
On a ship.
With Pat.

Hey Preps!

It's currently day one of my spring break! Today I ignored all school work I must accomplish in the next week, slept in, took Sir Maxwell for a nice walk, went to the gym, and plan on watching every "My Fair Wedding" rerun until The Bachelor comes on.  Ode to being lazy! 

My only complaint that the warm weather experienced this weekend is long gone as I bitterly watch the snow fall yet again.  Come on spring! I know you want to burst through! I am counting on you!  

Yesterday I promised I would show you all of my secret shopping finds from Georgetown.  So here they are:
This light pink boyfriend blazer by Stella McCartney
has been a piece I have been dying to have in my wardrobe
I found a much less expensive version at H&M.
Cannot wait to wear it.  What do ya'll think of all the new spring pinks?

The shorts from J. Crew are a lightweight fabric that will be
a perfect summer piece for my wardrobe, and can be worn
in many versatile ways (an example shown below)
Plus, I love the green color!

The purchase I was persuaded into by Pat,
He truly loves Lacoste, and I truly love hot pink
It will be cute to accessorize with the shorts at some point

Patchwork belt from Vineyard Vines was something
I have been meaning to get for a while now, but with
Pat finding amazing chinos there, I was guilted into making
a smaller purchase

Now of course, Pat surely did not go home empty handed.  Matter of fact, he found a lot of great things that will be perfect for the cruise, and for this spring! I may be more excited about his outfits than my own! Crazy right?

Pat found these over the top adorable
plaid chinos at Vineyard Vines.  He can wear them
golfing, to a croquet match against Johns Hopkins, and on our cruise
He looked so cute in them I wanted to kiss his face off.
So I did.

Also not able to be shown, he found croakies from Southern Proper, Seersucker shorts from J. Crew, some nice formal slacks from Express, and two pairs of loafers: Penny Loafers included.  I can't wait to play dress up with him next weekend, and on the cruise!

Speaking of which...I put together two basic (a his and hers) Polyvores that have some of the items Pat and I will be cruisin' with...Enjoy!
$88 -

Lacoste plastic jewelry
$95 -

Ray Ban ray ban shade
$145 -

2 Eye Boat Shoe
$75 -

Vineyard Vines - Golf Course Printed Tie
$75 -



needlepoint belt | Tumblr

southern proper cap

Lilly Pulitzer jacquard dress
$268 -

J Crew stripe sweater
$78 -

J Crew ballet short
$55 -

Miu Miu nylon swimwear
145 GBP -

Vineyard Vines flip flop
$45 -

Kate Spade shoes
$250 -

Kate Spade shoulder strap handbag
$345 -

Borsalino ribbon hat
$160 -

Pink Pelican -A Lilly Pulitzer Via Shop
$8.95 -



Hope ya'll had a fabulous start to the week! 


Miss Lindsay said...

Love EVERYTHING! Take lotsss of pics!!
So jealous, I went on a cruise around this time last year.
BTW - You should add your email to your blogger profile so everyone can email you back on the comments you leave :)

DSS said...

OMG...I am sooooo jealous of your upcoming cruise!! I know you guys are going to have so much fun :) And look fabulous in your attire, of course!

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