Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pittsburgh's Going to the Super Bowl! Here We Go!

It's Super Bowl Sunday! (just when you thought I wouldn't post about the Steelers)

My Steelers are shooting for our 7th Super Bowl Ring Today! Many people hate the Steelers, and other than the fact that they win a lot, I am clueless to why. Therefore, I feel as a rooted Pittsburgher, I need to explain a few things about the most hardworking team in the NFL.

Pittsburgh is a blue-collared town. People work very hard to be successful, and it is evident that this is reflected in our football team.  Players like Aaron Smith, Troy Polamalu, Ryan Clark, and Keiran Foxx have all been highly involved in the Pittsburgh philanthropy, and have given so much to our city. 

My mom works for Blitzburgh Incorporated as a financial advisor, and helps the Steelers manage the money that they want to give to organizations such as The Children's Institute that has helped my sister recover from cilliac disease which she suffers from.  I have met many of the players (including all of the four above), and they are men of great character.  Sure, many of you will bring up the fact that Ben was accused of rape this summer.  Yes, there are struggles with being a famous athlete, and there are players on the team who live a fast lifestyle (as every other team has those players). 

However, as a whole, the team is grounded in their faith, and their love of our city.  When they really want something, they will do everything in their power to achieve that.  I am so proud of the team that they are.  I am very fortunate to have met and personally got to know some of them through my mother's business, which makes today truly personal for me.

Offended doesn't begin to cut it, when I see other people just rooting for the other team because they hate the Steelers, because if you really look at our history, our team, and our city...there is not much to hate. 

Yesterday I was in the Strip District in Pittsburgh buying some more Black and Gold (or Yellow) gear.  It was packed! I am talking there was no walking room.  Everyone was in their Steeler attire screaming and singing.  It is such an amazing thing to be part of, and it is times like these that make me so happy to be back home in the city I love, and so proud to be part of this legacy. 

However, I do have great respect for the Green Bay Packers, and what they have accomplished this season, and am extremely happy about the Super Bowl turnout.  However, I hope you all will root for my Steelers today!

So in love of my Pixburgh Stillers, here are a few quotes, a song, and a picture all dedicated to my beloved team! STEEL CURTAIN LET'S GO BOYS!

Max and I in our Steeler Gear, wait until you see what we
are wearing for the Super Bowl today!

"Now that I'm here, I don't want to just be here, I want to be here for a long time." --Hines Ward, 1998 4th round draft pick.

"He'll just smile and be cordial out there. Then he'll kill you."
--Aaron Smith, Defensive Lineman, on Troy Polamulu

Yes, I would have rather finished up in Pittsburgh.
--Franco Harris

(I met Franco Harris this past January, amazing man who still loves and gives to Pittsburgh)

I would always reserve a special place in my heart for Pittsburgh.


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