Monday, February 21, 2011

We All Remember Saddle Shoes

Do you remember the day you learned how to tie your shoes?

Milestones like that have such impact on your life.  For example, the day I wore my first pair of oversized brown-rimmed glasses (from the 90's).  That was an era of my life I probably wouldn't go back to.  I definitely had my fair share of feelings hurt during that stage.  However, one milestone I was so proud of was the first day I tied my shoes...all by myself.  I can even tell you what kind of shoes I was wearing...

Yep. You guessed it.  Saddle shoes.  Black and white ones with a small wooden heel.  I remember singing the "Bunny Song" as I successfully tied those suckers.  I can tell you where I was sitting, the whole deal.  However, I won't make you suffer through the insignificant details.  

Guess what though?

I am sure you have seen the Oxford shoes that have been the rave for the past two seasons.  I am also sure you have seen the Oxford pumps that girls all over America have decided to bombard their college campuses with.  BUT HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?

(From Lulu's)

These Navy saddle shoes will most definitely find their way into my closet this spring.  They are perfect to dress up a casual blazer and shorts combination...or to wear with a casual dress or skirt.  I am beyond excited to create outfits with these beauties.  As a matter of fact, I already did on Polyvore:

Spring 2011 Hurry Please!
Saddle Shoes combined with a tweed boyfriend blazer, casual top, and a cute pleated mini skirt


What do you guys think of the Saddle Shoe Comeback

Spring 2011 Hurry Please! by pittsburghprep featuring a mohair cardigan


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