Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Style: Of a Navy Officer (In Training)

Happy Wednesday!
We are half-way to the weekend folks!  It sounds like every one's weeks have started out right given that it was the holiday we all hate, yet can't help but participate in.  I could spend time rambling about my mushy musings of what Pat and I did to celebrate, but I will spare you, just this once.  I will mention (as I did previously this week) that I spent the weekend in Annapolis with him.  There is one thing Pat and I are very good at.  That is spending money (too much according to my financial advising mother).

If there is one place that I could spend all my money in one day, it would be Annapolis.  There is just too much for me to handle, from boutiques selling Lilly Pulitzer, to Sperry Top Sider sales; every brand a prep would kill for is there.  In addition, I could eat all day in Annapolis.  I'm talking crepes filled with Nutella and strawberries to their famous eateries, it's all just mouth-watering.

However, today I am not going to gush about my finds this weekend, but the shopping addiction of my boyfriend and his fellow shipmates.  Friday night, I got in to Annapolis for a late dinner, but as soon as Pat and his friend (who exchanged at Air Force with him last semester) who we endearingly call, Huck, jumped in my car and would not stop gushing about this new men's shop that they found Ralph Lauren Polo's at for $25 big ones! Talk about a deal!

Pat and I by Annapolis Bay...did I mention a seagull pooped on my head happened. Sorry to say I am now at count three for seagull
poop on my head. 

So the next day, Pat could not wait to get back to the shop (I find it hilarious when he turns into a Kalyn version of a shopaholic, I must be a bad influence)  The store is called Laurance ~ Annapolis.  Here is a quick snapshot of the store, and some of the brands they carry:
From wooden lacrosse sticks (which I learned to play on) to
sailing antiques, it is quaint and classic







Pretty nice variety I'd say!  Pat really liked several Vineyard Vines ties and bow ties, as well as some of their button down oxfords like shown below:
Pat is hoping to become a pilot upon
graduation from the Academy, I found this one appropriate

Blue and Gold, Navy's colors and sailboats
perfect for Annapolis scene

Classic Vineyard Vines tie

Spring oxford that is very versatile

Pat also noticed a few needlepoint belts by Smathers and Branson.  Especially one in particular.  Can you guess which one he was head over heels for? 

What I love about this belt is that all the airplanes
are unique.  

 Lobster belt to match Pat's lobster shorts?

 A belt dedicated to different kinds of beer.
Hilarious, can you name the different brands?

An American Flag worn with pride by a Midshipmen?

Sailboats perfect for an Annapolis sailing adventure

Here is a Polyvore I made, inspired by the streets of Annapolis and the classic fashion found in the future Spring 2011.  

Style of a Naval Academy Boy

Style of a Naval Academy Boy by pittsburghprep featuring ray ban sunglasses

So what do you think of these Naval Academy boys' style eh? Potential officer worthy or not?
Furthermore, do you think that they are officer worthy yet?
Hmmm...not sure about that one.

Hope ya'll are having a wonderful week full of warm weather....that indeed is teasing me for spring fashion!  


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