Sunday, February 27, 2011

Georgetown or Bust

"Come on Kalyn! Let's shop til we drop!
Hey Preps! 

The weekend is already over! Luckily it is my spring break now, so I can stay up to the wee hours of the night just to write a post! As I excitedly posted before, I headed down to Annapolis on Saturday to visit Pat.  Usually we spend the whole weekend together, however, he had a fitness test Saturday morning, and I was woken up to repetitive text messages from him...extremely early Saturday asking if I was up yet.  Clearly, he had completed his fitness test, and breakfast along with it; because Pat gets impatient when it comes to one thing: food! He does not like even a slightly empty stomach.  Therefore, he was prodding me out of bed so I could vroom to him for lunchtime! 

Upon arrival in Maryland's quaint capital, I see three second year midshipmen already awaiting my arrival at my usual pick-up curb right outside the Academy walls.  What a sight.  Clearly all famished.  Lunch.  Humor.  Down to one midshipmen, my very own boyfriend.  All to myself.  Thank you.  

45 minutes later, we are in traffic in D.C. just at the peak of Georgetown.  Pat was perturbed, however we both soon forgot about the wait as we admired the Madeline looking town houses, all with unique colors, stairs, and shutters.  We started debating our favorites, and before we know it we reached the streets of Georgetown.  Traffic and people.   At a constant flow.  However, our adventures there were well worth the crowds.  

Lacoste. Kate Spade~New York. Tommy Hilfiger. J Crew. Ralph Lauren. Vineyard Vines. Banana Republic. BCBG. Betsey Johnson. Banana Republic. 
We had to get a whale hat!

Hello shopping heaven!  Pat and I seriously did not are all probably thinking, "poor Pat!".  Think again.  This boy knows his shopping.  He competes with me.  That is saying something! The first store of the day, Lacoste, we browsed.  I have an unhealthy amount of Lacoste polos and decided to hold my compulsiveness for other stores.  This did not happen.  Pat found a headband he thought I would like, I did like it, and long story short...I now own a hot pink Lacoste headband.  

Pat and I both made some great purchases, which I will post tomorrow (they are very unique).  However, there was something about this adventure of ours that was just so refreshing.  Time spent together, yet critical thinking, decision making, and voicing our opinions in a non-stressful environment was somewhat of a relationship builder in my opinion.  We goofed off, ate too much, spent too much money, and I am once again so mushy about my boyfriend.  He's the best.  What a great weekend.  

Below is a Polyvore of the outfits we strolled around Georgetown in this weekend:

Cashmere blazer
$1,990 -

G.H. Bass loafer shoes
$120 -


Kate Spade plastic shade
$148 -

Ray Ban ray ban shade
$145 -

Leather belt
$32 -

Vineyard Vines - Vineyard Whale Tie
$75 -


Unabashedly Prep


play dressy background

The Kate Spade Sunglasses shown, are one of my beloved accessories, and the shoes are L.L. Bean's Coastal Skimmers.  I got them for my birthday last fall, and I wear them several times a week! They are like the classic duck boots, are water proof, and have great traction...but are GIRLY!  As for the rest of my outfit, I wore a navy and white striped tunic dress, belted with a leather and nautical rope belt.  To keep it a little wintery I layered on top a brown tweed blazer.

Pat looked simply dashing in his Vineyard Vines plaid button down oxford, paired with his Vineyard Vines golf tie, and his green Brooks Brothers chinos.  He wore penny loafers for shoes, and a needlepoint belt from Smathers and Branson.

Shopping until dark of course

Hope you all had a very enjoyable weekend! Looking forward to reading your posts this week in my free time!


Anna Katrina said...

looks like you had a great weekend of shopping! i dragged my boyfriend along with me yesterday hehe

stop by sometime<3

Miss Southern Prep said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! Y'all are absolutely adorable together! I was in DC a few weeks ago, but didn't get a chance to shop--ridiculous, I know! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Fashion Meets Food said...

Heyy girly! I just found your blog and am absolutely loving it! I just moved outside of Pittsburgh. I am your newest follower!


zippitydodaaa said...

Love shopping in Georgetown! I live in DC but don't get over there nearly enough. Looks like you made it to most of the great stores in the area!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

G-town shopping is the best! Just saw you have a westie...I had a westie named Buffy growing up! xx

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