Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brooks Brothers Spring Preview...I'm Ecstatic!

Procrastination. An art, which I have perfected over the course of my schooling. Instead of studying this morning, {like I intended on doing} I discovered a sneak preview to Brooks Brothers Spring 2011 wardrobe.

It is very hard for me to say this, but it competes with Tommy's.  So do you want to see it? Do you? Do you???

What I love about this collection, is the fact that it incorporates colors that are contrasting of one another. For example, the navy pullover, yellow and navy striped rugby polo, and salmon (or brighter than salmon) colored's a perfectly balanced outfit that doesn't scream "matchy matchy".  I also love the white pants, and the khaki seen in these examples...that is always a pure sign of spring, and can be worn with a plethora of hues.

 Finally, did you notice the nautical theme? Obviously obsessed with the navy boat shoes, the whales found on the salmon pants (Pat has two pairs of lobster shorts), the navy and white striped dress, and the adorable wedges that are found in several of the pictures. 

In comparison, I found some pictures of my friends and I that match the colors, and styling found in this spring collection:

Allison and I in Annapolis by the bay, notice her balance of navy and white,
while I take on the orange/salmon and tie it off with a rope belt.

Patrick and I at Polo for the Cure for Cancer 2010
Pat has his salmon pants on, a white Polo oxford, and Vineyard Vines
sail boat tie, and a Leatherman stitched belt.
I have on a sundress from Ann Taylor Loft, and Betsey Johnson sunglasses

Pat and Rob after the International Ball
Pat is wearing his lobster shorts
Rob is wearing a Brooks Brothers Polo

Pat in Brooks Brothers Pants, Lacoste Shoes

Rob in an Izod Polo and Vineyard Vine shorts
Pat also wearing Vineyard Vine shorts

Ty in a button down Polo oxford, and Vineyard Vine shorts

Doesn't this make you so excited for warmer weather? What do you guys think of Brooks Brothers Sneak Preview? 


Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Ohhhhh, swooon!
I love it all.
Thanks for the post.

Mrs. Kindergarten

The Pink Tutu said...

Cute! I can't wait for spring :)
P.S. I have a pink bike too!

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