Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Must Haves (According to Moi)

Hey Preps!

Guess what? It's MARCH! The winter months are officially behind us, and we are now approaching warm weather, and spring fashion! Today as I was excitedly admiring blue skies, I came up with the idea to show you some of my favorite wardrobe pieces that I will definitely be wearing later this month! 
Ready for some Spring Showers!

Here is a look into Kalyn's closet:
Oh dear...apparently my closet needs spring cleaning,
and this is only a quarter of it!

Navy, Military Jacket from Forever 21
Perfect for windy treks around Annapolis!

Light Pink Boyfriend Blazer from (H&M)Can be worn with jeans, chinos, shorts, and skirts!
I love that it's chunky, but the pink gives it a girly feel.

Crewneck, Lightweight, Nautical Striped,
Sweatshirt from J. Crew
Perfect to wear on a cooler spring day....
always with Sperry's

Light Blue, Button-down, Cardigan from Talbots
Used to throw on over a casual dress, pair with a skirt,
or balance out a pair of white chino shorts!

Light Pink, Ruffled, Button-down Cardigan from J. Crew
Perfectly paired with skirts or dress pants!

Navy skirt from J. Crew
Love the buttons, and there is a bow on the front,
but you can't really tell from this picture...Sorry!

Nantucket Red Shorts from Polo Ralph Lauren
Enough Said!

Green Bermuda Shorts (gift from Pat) from J. Crew
Love the unique color!

Oxford Button Down Dress from Polo Ralph Lauren
(One of Pat's favorite in my wardrobe)
Perfect with Sperry's or flats! Sassy Casual!

Lime Green Polo Dress from Vineyard Vines
Perfect as a beach cover up, or as a casual traveling outfit!
Lilly Pulitzer (2010 Spring) Sundress 

Vineyard Vines (Spring 2010) Sundress

Coastal Skimmers from L.L. Bean
Rain proof, Tractable, and a comfy rubber sole
Perfect for rainy days, or any day!

Switch Flops! Have you ever heard of them?
These are the Lilly Pulitzer straps, but can be switched
to any color, brand, design you please! Just bring extra straps!
Perfect for traveling!

Madras and Sperry Top Sider's! In heaven!

These ballet flats from Gap come with a draw string
bag.  Perfect to slip into your purse, and change into
from heels on a night out

They are clear on the sides, makes me feel like 
Cinderella in glass slippers!

Lacoste headbands! The perfect preppy accessory!
Always used when my bangs disagree with me!

More headbands!

My beloved Lacoste, Burberry, Kate Spade, and Betsey Johnson
Shades! All in different styles!

My favorite are my oversized blue Kate Spade shades!

What do you guys think? What are your March Must Haves? 


zippitydodaaa said...

Well, I'm *hoping* that it will finally start to warm up in DC so I can break out the Lilly sundresses and Jack Rodgers (basically my uniform from mid March through September).

Miss Southern Prep said...

All of your stuff is adorable and so preppy! Love it!

P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog! Make sure you enter!

Fashion Meets Food said...

I am loving everything in this post! I cannot wait for nicer weather here!


DSS said...

I am loving oxfort shirt dresses for this Spring! I had a few last year, but this year they are going to be my faves :)

And those madras Sperrys!! Me loves!!!

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