Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Westy Wednesday

Hey Preps!
Max thinks we can compete with Jen

This picture was used for a previous post of mine.

Max and Kalyn here! Literally...he is currently nuzzling into my laptop.  Begging of course for the yogurt I'm eating.  A little bit ago it was broccoli out of all things, but he ate it (more like inhaled it) to my surprise when I gave him a little piece.  I mean how can I resist those eyes? Could you?

In need of a haircut 

Sleepy pup

As you can see here...Max needed a haircut.  We are both happy to announce that he now has a fresh new do complete with all of his shot updates as of today.  The vet even commented that Max has the "best Westy coat she has ever seen".  Probably due to the fact he gets lots of stimulation thanks to my constant scratching and puppy massages that he demands.

However, he was feeling a little let down after the vet today when he approached a German Shep and got rejected with not only one but multiple ferocious growls.  He didn't mind waiting on Momma's lap after that.  He now has a new plaid scarf on today and knows he looks irresistible.

But it is bed time for us now, but we must say good night! For the original Westy Wednesday, be sure to check out Desperately Seeking Seersucker's Dear Louis!  Hope you all are having a warm and blessed week!


Miss Southern Prep said...

Oh my gosh, Max is so adorable! He reminds me of a Build-a-Bear, because he's so cute and furry! ADORABLE!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Thanks for a westie fix toda...I just love them! xx

DSS said...

How handsome does Max look with his new do and his fancy scarf?!?!? Louis is in desperate need of a hair cut. Poor muffin.

And you tell Max that Jen Aniston & pup have got nothing on he and his mama!

I will have to try giving Louis broccoli. I've never tried that before. He is quite the piglet, and I suspect he will like it very much :)

katelyn w said...

How absolutely adorable is Max!

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