Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stuck On You by Lilly Pulitzer

Hey Preps!

As many of you know, I was away all last week on a cruise.  It was absolutely a blast, but now it has been major catch up time.  My blog has been neglected, so tonight I decided to catch up on a quick post that Vineyard Loveknots' very own Miss Lindsay tagged me in.  So here it goes(written on Stuck On You, sticky notes, by Lilly Pulitzer):

1. Your name:

2.  Blog Address: 

3.  Favorite Quote:

4.  Favorite Songs (two of my all time favorites):

5.  Write this:

6.  Tag three favorite bloggers:

7.  Random fact:

I am a horrible artist!  Always have only B in high school
was in ceramics! This is my attempt at drawing my pup, Six Maxwell Smart,
who is a West Highland Terrier.  


Town and Country Prep said...

I love the drawing! Too cute :-)

Screen Door Prep said...

What a fun post! Adorable puppy picture!

I am passing on an award to you!

Miss Lindsay said...

Yay!! Love the notes :)
That is better than anything I can draw.

Jessica said...

Cute handwriting! You are a much better artist than I am. I would never be able to draw a dog that well.

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