Monday, March 28, 2011

East Coast Preppies (Menswear)

After weeks apart, Christmas break flashed by.  January came and the day I dreaded all break, the day Pat had to go back to Navy was here before I knew it.  I sat in my car as he drove us down to Annapolis.  I sulked.  However, I could not contain myself when Pat looked at me, extremely serious, flared his nostrils as he inhaled, and said: "Do you smell that? I smell the crab cakes already!".

I died.  I'm not sure if it was the flared nostrils, or his completely random comment...but it definitely made me about 0.0001% forgetful of the goodbye ahead.  

What does this random moment have to do with my style blog?  Well, I agree with Pat.  There is something about the East Coast that is just admirable.  Annapolis is quaint, yet sophisticated, and surrounded by a bay that just is perfection in my mind.  The fashions can be described like so as well.  From the popular Sperrys to Brooks Brothers' colorful chinos, the fashion is completely undeniable.  Especially among the Midshipmen.

Let's have a look shall we:

Pat and his shipmate Ty.
Ty has a blog, which is one of my top reads.  I highly recommend it:
Check it out!

(Tie: Vineyard Vines, Oxford: J.Crew,
Chinos: Vineyard Vines, Watch: Lacoste)

Plaid and Tattersall (Ty wearing tattersall)
Tattersall is very popular on the East Coast
It can be preppy, country, and looks great with a tie
and a tweed blazer

Brooks Brothers galore!
Pat wearing Lobster Chino Shorts from Brooks Brothers
Matt wearing a Brooks Brothers Oxford and Chinos

East Coast style can be described as Southern Prep with a Northern Flare.  It has a lot of the loose cotton feels found in the south, but there is something unique about it.  Here are some of my top picks for menswear this spring:

  • Sweaters:
Supima Place Stripe Button Mockneck

Mariner Striped Crewneck Sweater
Brooks Brothers

  • Oxfords and Polos:

  • Pants and Shorts:
Pat has these!
Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines

Brooks Brothers
Vineyard Vines

  • Ties:

Vineyard Vines Ties

Brooks Brothers Bow Tie
(You know how I feel about Bow Ties)

I also made a Polyvore to show some more of the East Coast Styles...Hope you enjoy!
Vineyard vine
$90 -

$85 -

$129 -

$129 -

Leather shoes
$88 -

Lacoste strap watch
$95 -

Ray Ban oversized wayfarer sunglass
$145 -

2 Eye Boat Shoe
$75 -

AEO Braided Rope Bracelet
$4.12 -

Vineyard Vines - Golf Course Printed Tie
$75 -

Hope y'all are having a great Monday!


...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Looking forward to going to Annapolis in a couple of months! Love that place!

ShortBlonde said...

I wish more men dressed like this! I love living on the East Coast :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

Ahhhh, I love everything about this post, especially seeing guys that dress this preppy! I'm going to have to visit Annapolis ASAP!

Miss Lindsay said...

Loveeeeeee everything!!!

MLD said...

posts like this make me want to move back to the mid-atlantic region. NY is swarming with fist pumpers and that is just not my style.

The City Boy said...

i love this...i think i own something that either is or resembles everything in here! haha

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