Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Classic Rolling Rock (Not the Beer)

(Wearing: Polo Buttondown Oxford, Polo Nantucket Red Chino Shorts
Sperrys and Woven Belt from Talbots)

Hey Preps! 

It's only Tuesday!  My week has been crazy, so I apologize for posting so late...and for not being able to read as many as your posts as I would like!  Lots of studying this week, and on top of that I decided to pick this week to move.  My little car is loaded up with all my clothes, and the moving begins tomorrow!  I'm excited, but stressed beyond belief for my To-Do list that seems to keep getting longer before I can check things off!  Enough of my complaining though.

Last week, I posted an outfit I would be wearing a ton this spring.  Well here is another one!  I love chino shorts!  J.Crew and Polo always have great ones.  I'm obsessed with Nantucket Red, making these chino shorts my favorite.  

This is definitely an outfit I would wear to class when the weather agrees with me.  It's easy to put together, and is timeless.  Not to mention it's extremely comfy.  Especially the shoes.  I'm a huge fan of comfy shoes...so if you ever have suggestions...please let me know!  

As for Buttondown Oxfords, I really have way too many.  In various patterns and colors.  They are just easy, and work with so many different outfits...like skirts, trousers, chino shorts, jeans, chino pants...you name it.  I wear one at least twice a week.  It's usually out of laziness.  Best part is that you can't tell I just woke up!  Sneaky!

Anyways, these pictures are taken at Rolling Rock Country Club.  One of the most well-known and prestigious clubs in the world.  The prep school I went to was very close to this club.  We had dance lessons, events, and formals at the Club.  It is completely unique from it's hunting (fox hunting, fishing from their own hatchery, clay pigeons, pheasants) to it's unique dining, history, and sports (polo, pony club, swimming, tennis, golf).  It is also gorgeous, tucked pack in the hidden woods or Pennsylvania, with streams running through it, and abundance of wildlife to observe.  

I may be a tad bit biased though, for it's where I grew up.  

Hope you all are having a blessed day!  


Miss Lindsay said...

Love the pics!!! Great outfit, timeless is right.

Miss Southern Prep said...

Can we meet up so I can raid your closet? I'm obsessed with buttondowns--I wish I had more! Good luck with your move!

Jessica said...

Such cute pictures! The club sounds like a great place to have fun. I love your outfit!

Ashley Lauren said...

I wore almost the same outfit yesterday lol so cute!! You are a doll!!!! ps. LOVE the sperrys <3

have a great weekend love xoxo

Tony (College Trad) said...

Very sweet look. Love me some good 'ol preppy gals!

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