Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wear Pink, Make All The Boys Wink

Happy Pink and Green Thursday, Preps!

Today I was browsing Preppy Princess' lovely online store, and found croakies! They guys have been wearing Southern Proper and Vineyard Vines croakies now for quite a while.  I think it is time the girls take the stage.  Here are the lovely Lilly Pulitzer croakies I found:

(Photo courtesy of Preppy Princess)

I absolutely adore the sayings on the inside of these.  The first says, "Wear Pink and Make the Boys Wink" and the second one says, "Follow the Sun".  How adorable are these? I will definitely be getting a pair for this summer!

Also, VERY IMPORTANT Miss Preppy Southerner is having an amazing Lilly Pulitzer giveaway on her lovely blog! Be sure to enter! You will not want to miss this! 

Stay tuned for my Awesome and Awkward Thursdays post tonight! 


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