Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love My Midshipman

Hey Preps!

Usually I don't blog about political things.  However, something has really hit close to home, and I have to get this off my chest and vent.  This week has been crazy for me.  In a good way, with starting the moving process into a new apartment, landing a new job, and a summer internship.  Yet, even though my positivity seems to always overcome my stress...there are times where I just need to write my emotions out.  This is one of those posts.  Just warning!

So, those of you who have been avid readers of my blog, know that my boyfriend, Pat, goes to The United States Naval Academy.  I am extremely proud of the person he is, and what he has decided to do for our country.  This is going to sound mushy, but he is my hero.  I have never met anyone more focused, goal oriented, and humble.  He is a very grounded person, and is never one to complain or talk about himself.  What he is doing for our country is unreal.  Every single day he is in some way, being prepped to be an Officer in the Navy.  Whether it's early morning formations, briefs, or the homework that is never some way, I feel like it does make him prepared for his future.

His summers are spent on cruises (not the fun on submarines or carriers) and working at internships.  Last summer, he had a week at home.  That's it.  Let me tell you, I see him a lot more than I used to, yet I still cry every time he leaves.  You think you will get used to them leaving or being gone, however I have had countless drives home from the airport where I have cried knowing I was once again counting the long days until I got to see him again (for less than 48 hours of course).

Looking at what I have endured in our relationship, from being lonely and missing him, to his busy schedule, and not being able to talk to him very much...and comparing that to the 3-9 months that he will eventually be deployed.  I cannot imagine what military wives have to go through.  I know I am strong enough to be without him for that long.  There is no doubt in my mind that my love for him is unconditional.  Yet I know my struggles will be with the strains of missing him, sometimes not having contact with him, and worrying about him.  Although deployment isn't for at least two more years for him, I am already dreading this event.

Which leads me to Pat.  Can you imagine being on a submarine or a carrier for 3 to 9 months without your loved ones?  I would go insane.  Not to mention putting your life at danger all times of the night and day.  This is just beyond me, and I am truly not brave enough to do so.

Here is where my venting comes in...

Today I was at the gym.  I heard this group of colleagues discussing the military and Libya.  Of course I too, do not think we should be going into Libya.  Why?  Because I don't want Pat anywhere near Libya or preferably out of the country, unless it's on a nice little vacation with moi! However, their conversation continued to the point where they were bashing enlisted soldiers.  Saying it was dumb to sign up for the military.  It could definitely be summarized as zero support for those in the military.

My family can be defined as very patriotic.  Not because of Pat, although I am sure he has increased the pride my family has in the military and our country.  I can relate and understand those who see what we are doing in foreign countries as pointless and unending.  What I cannot comprehend is the increased LACK OF SUPPORT for those who are serving our country.

I like my coffee mixed with chocolate milk.  I prefer hot pink toenails.  I love my church, and the community I have in it.  Even the little freedoms we have, we can thank to the veterans and those presently serving our country.  Sure, we may not agree with a president or our overseas missions.  However, the least we can do is love and support our military.  The brave men and women who willingly would give up their lives so that Kalyn can have chocolate milk in her coffee and blog about Lilly Pulitzer and Tommy Hilfiger.

We are all so beyond blessed to have the freedoms, belongings, and community that we do.  It is thanks to those brave enough to defend everything that is dear to us...

With that being said, I am proud to say that I support our troops.  I support what they are doing for our country, and furthermore, I love my Navy Boy with my whole heart.  My support for him is unending and I could not be any prouder of someone in my life.  He truly is my hero, and my role model.

Here are some pictures I found, that show how I feel when Pat leaves...and that are great reminders of all those who are overseas  (as well as some pictures of Pat and I...I couldn't help it!):

The window the girl is by is a Naval Officer in his dress whites
This reminds me of my goodbyes with Pat :(


She's wearing his cover.
If you put on a soldier's cover...rumor has it they have
to kiss you to get it back!  Needless to say, I always
like putting on Pat's cover as an excuse for him to kiss me!

International Ball right before Pat and I were officially dating

At one of my fashion shows...after not seeing each other
for a month.

Once again, after not seeing each other for a month.  Garden of the Gods.
Colorado Springs.

Flight 93 Memorial on 09/11/10
Shanksville, PA
Honoring those who died on the flight...
and were brave enough to stand up against terrorists.
This really hit home for me (it's about 10 miles from my home),
especially with Pat being there this year.

Please Support Our Troops!


Kori said...

Great photos honey! I hope you are having a great weekend love.

Did you hear about my good news this week? Kori xoxo

The City Boy said...

love this post.

im going to blame the anti military feelings on liberal more fox news! :) haha

Royar said...

I think it is absolutely deplorable that people don't support our soldiers overseas. Coming from a complete military family and being named after my Grandfather, who was a rear admiral in the navy, I completely support the military and cannot stand anyone who doesn't. Great post - you and Pat are adorable! XOXO

Stephanie said...

I love this, and its so true. Its always amazing how easily people can forget everything the men and women in the armed forces do for our safety :( My boyfriend goes to the naval academy too, I understand how you feel.

Jessica said...

I appreciate everything the troops do for our country. I can't believe those people. It takes a really strong person to do what military personnel do. It also takes a strong person to be in your position in a military relationship. I can't imagine what it must be like. Be strong girl! I really can't thank the troops enough for fighting for our country and freedom. Tell Pat thank you! Anytime you need to vent on your blog, we'll listen. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww! You two are sooooo cute! I too dated Midshipmen when I was younger! LOVE a man in a uniform! Wendy

Kelly said...

This was such a great post! I am exactly in the same frame of mind. I have a number of friends from school who entered the military and who are now serving overseas. I don't care how you feel about the conflicts the US gets involved in, there is really no basis for being against the troops. Hate the policies, hate the government, but never hate the men and women who sign up to fight for our country.


Raulston said...

Thank P. for his service and for advocating for those who are too old, too young, & unable to. For those who have the fight in them but can not for various reasons do so.

People all too often forget how difficult a job it really is to serve and get little respect back in return.

Thank him for us (your readers).

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