Sunday, March 27, 2011


Thanks to A Note at the Screen Door, I have received my first award ever! It is the Stylish Blogger Award!
I am beyond ecstatic, and would like to thank her for sending love to my blog!  Please check hers out because it is just the cutest, and so amusing to read!

Here are the rules with the award:

  • Thank, and link back to the person who awarded you
  • Share seven things about yourself
  • Award 5 recently discovered blogs
  • Contact them letting them know about their award!
Seven random facts about Kalyn:

1.   I am currently a college junior majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in English at a small liberal arts college outside of Pittsburgh.  My first two years were spent at a southern school in which I was a Division I athlete.  It was a tough decision for me to leave the south, but with injuries and being burnt out on my sport...I decided I could no longer deal with early morning practices and six hours a day revolving around my sport.  So, here I am...missing the south, the weather, and my friends...Yet having an absolute blast spending time in Annapolis, D.C., and my beloved Pittsburgh.

2.   As many of you know, I am pretty crazy for this boy named Pat.  However, how we met is quite humorous.  Read it here...I promise you will there is Nautical Fashion found within.

3.  I have a huge obsession with dresses.  As well as only wearing them a few times after purchasing them because I have too many.  This year when I moved back to colder climates, I had to force myself to shy away from them.

My Coastal Skimmers!

4.  I love duck boots.  They are my favorite shoe, hands down.  I can't really explain my love for them, except for growing up in them...and how convenient they are.  I highly recommend L.L. Bean's Coastal Skimmers.  They are flats, with a convenient duck boot feel, and are ridiculously comfy.

5.  The sports I have been involved in:  Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis, Cross Country, and Swimming.

6.   If I get lazy and oversleep before class you will find me wearing:

  • Polo oxford
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Sperrys
  • Hair in a messy bun
Sad to say, this happens more days than it should.  I blame it on the fact that I have no one to impress (other than my nerdy science professors who prefer lack of personal grooming) given the fact Pat is on lockdown until the weekends.

7.  I love my pup!


My 5 bloggers I am awarding this to:

  1. DC GOP Girl
  2. A University Gent
  3. Life Through Preppy Glasses
  4. Miss Southern Prep
  5. Washington Prep


Miss Southern Prep said...

I've been sporting the messy bun a lot lately! My hair takes 45 minutes to straighten and with all of my schoolwork, I have just not been in the mood! I went back and read the story about how you and Pat met--so adorable! It's so crazy that a guy you met on a cruise became your serious bofriend! Love it!

P.S. Thanks for tagging me! You are so sweet!

Pink & Preppy said...

Supper cute blog! Just found it! plus, I'm moving to Pittsburgh this summer!
Happy Blogging!
Always Pink & Preppy

Raulston said...

Well done on the internship! I just found out that I was accepted to one myself for the summer.

If oversleep (which is never, I mean never happens) before class I may throw on:
Sperry's-No socks
Stand Up Shorts-If weather permits
Classic-Striped Oxford
Chicago NOOD Mount Gay Rum Cap

The tag in the post is "Well-noted with much thanks."

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