Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't Be a Rock... When You Really Are a Gem

Hey Preps!
Today has kinda been a lazy day given the fact that it is approaching one of my last days off.  So I cannot seem to think of enough awesomes or awkwards for today.  Therefore, I thought I'd share some thing special about my life... Grandma.  You know, the amazing lady who lets you eat too many cookies, stay up too late, and sews your stuffed lamb back together when a mean dog rips it apart.  Yes, we have all had someone truly special and inspirational in our lives.  However, sometimes I feel as if my someone special time was cut short...

My grandma put up a two year battle with ovarian cancer.  They found it late, stage 3, which means the cancer has spread throughout the body.  She knew from the start that she would not out live the cancer, but that didn't stop her from living, and living exceptionally at that.  From creating her own community outreach that helped under priviledged families have the clothes, food, and opportunities they allowing the doctors to experiment with new drugs (which are now greatly used across the country) to help future cancer patients...she never stopped giving of herself.  Did I mention she always was stylish too? Oh yes, big jewelry until the very end.

She truly is my inspiration, and one day I hope to be half the exceptional lady she was.

To tie this all in, every year, one of the biggest events in my preppy town is "Polo For The Cure" you can see a button on the side of my blog about it.  However, it is to end cancer.  It really hits home for me, and is definitely an amazing and rewarding fundraiser to go to.  So please observe a spring event that I cannot wait to attend as we approach warmer weather!  All the pictures are from last year!

A Polo match, from the Rolling Rock Polo Club versus Ireland Polo Club
Rolling Rock Fox Hunt (and their hounds)
The tents with different catering, bars, auctions, and items to buy
Pat loved this, free fell onto the polo field (Pat just got his wings this fall)
I loved watching this
I was thrilled they bought cigars at a Cure for Cancer event
But what debonair gentleman 
(Pat and Daddy)
Sundresses and Nantucket Red
How ready are you for this?
So classy.
Pat stomping the divots from the first half of polo
He had too much fun doing so.

What are your favorite spring events? Happy Thursday Preps! Almost the weekend!


Jessica said...

It sounds like your grandma was an amazing woman! The fundraiser seems like a great and fun opportunity to remember her.

Your blog is so cute! I'm following you now. I'm going to follow you on twitter too! (@jessicasr23)

Miss Lindsay said...

Sooo classy! I love the pics! What a sweet tie-in... lovely post.
~ Linds

zippitydodaaa said...

Cute dress and your boyfriend's outfit is adorable!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

I LOVE going to polo. I am lucky that there are a lot of polo matches here in Maryland. Be sure to enter my giveaway..TGIF! xx

Raulston said...

What dashing gent, are those Belgian shoes? Very classy! Have a superb weekend and thank you for the post.

Raulston said...

Sorry, classic "Sperry's"-took a closer look.


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