Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Shoes!

Lilly Pulitzer sundresses, and plaid Vineyard Vines pants
God Bless you warm weather!

Hey Preps!

How good does it feel to say the word, "spring"?  Gosh, I think I thoroughly abused it today.  Although it was a rather mild temperature here in Pittsburgh, I still managed to wear pink via my new light pink boyfriend blazer.  However, the fact that wearing white, pink, and green all at once just thrills me.  Thrills me to the point that I just want to whip out all my sundresses, and wear them this whole week, just to honor my favorite "word of the day".
 Sadly, that is not possible given the fact it is expected to snow yet again later this week.  How horrible is that? So instead, to give the first day of spring full credit, I came up with a list of shoes that are a must have in the warmer months approaching!

  • Thou must have flats.  

This particular pair is from J. Crew, and are rainproof! How practical is that? Plus the remind me of Jellies, which I practically grew up in.  Love the peachy color of these!
Another pair of flats are Allez! Flats found on Eliza B. 
What is so neat about these, is you can personalize the colors, patterns, and fabrics of them! So go check them out and play around on her website to make your favorite color combination! 

  • Thou must have boat shoes.
These are probably the most practical shoe I own.  A few posts back, I discussed the history of Sperry Top Siders.  Within the history, you will find that these shoes are made to ensure traction against all elements (such as wet and slippery surfaces of boat decks).  The sole is flexible and this shoe is comfy...and can be worn with an array of different outfits from casual shirt dresses to bermuda shorts.  Also, I recommend a Madras pair! I posted about mine earlier...but you wouldn't believe the compliments I get from them!

  • Thou must love espadrilles (particularly wedged).
    Espadrilles that are wedged...found on J. Crew's website.  I think wedges are perfect with chino shorts or a sundress.  I wore mine daily on the cruise! I also recently caved in, and bought myself a pair of TOMS shoes.  I'm not sure if they are considered preppy or not...but they are so comfy and help a good cause.  

    • Thou must go back to the days of saddle shoes. 

    I have mentioned this before, but as a little girl, my mom always had me wearing saddle shoes.  You know, the ones Madeline wears in her books!  I am particularly fond of them due to the fact I learned how to tie my shoes while wearing them.  18 years later, now they are back! In a little bit of a more sophisticated way...they are called Oxfords now...and take after menswear in my opinion.  However, something about them still makes me reminisce of the good ole days.  I like this pair in particular because of the cut out part...giving them a little bit of a sandal like feel.  

    • Thou must LOVE penny loafers.

    My first day of Kindergarten was a success thanks to these pups paired with a plaid jumper (uniform).  I used to hate them when I was younger, because they were required of me to wear.  However, now I definitely have a loving relationship with them.  These definitely can be worn both spring or fall.  In the spring I tend to pair them with khakis or chino shorts.  I also have an oxford polo dress that they look adorable with!

    • Thou must have flip-flops

    Particularly a pair of Eliza B.  personalized flip-flops!  This is a pair I bought last year.  I play college lacrosse, and love pink and green...so these couldn't have been a better fit!

    • Thou must keep one's feet dry on rainy days.

    Isle Jacobson rain boots and Wellies will be what I use to keep my feet fashionably dry this April!

    Minus a few other spring favorites of my own...this list makes up what you will be seeing me in the warmer months!  I am more excited to wear spring shoes than anything else, and cannot wait to break mine in...today!  Hope you all had a great Monday (this post was meant for yesterday)!  What shoes are you dying to wear this spring?


    The City Boy said...

    i did a post involving shoes today as well :) Now that its spring i wish the temperatures would actually reflect that here!!

    Jessica said...

    Those J. Crew flats are adorable. I want a pair now!

    Jana said...

    I love those J Crew jellies! sooo cutteee!

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