Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nerd Alert

"You're the strangest person I ever met, she said...and I said you too...
and we decided to know each other for a very long time"

It's ice storming here.  Yep a huge belligerent storm that contains not just snow but freezing rain decided to grace me with it's presence this week {like we didn't have enough snow already}. Five tests this week added to the mix, and you can just call me Bitter Betty.  Tomorrow is Groundhog Day, and I think he needs to tell us that spring is coming in two days.  I think I might be able to survive two more days of winter if I can keep my heater and my fleece duck boots. 

Did I ever mention that I hate my major...I can't even say the word out loud without feeling sick. Biochemistry. Doesn't it make you want to throw up a little? Maybe not as much as Astronautical Engineering, which is Pat's major. {Yuckkkk}.  There are many days I wish I could rewind to my freshman year of college, and become a Journalism major or Communications.  Anything other than my current major.  People say that it will pay off in the end. Oh I sure hope so. A year and a half until I am DONE.  Then I will see where life takes me.  Maybe Physician's Assistant, or maybe even Law School.  We will see what God has in store. 

Yet, you know when you dread something so much, you find humor in it? My major makes me laugh too.  Let me show you:

Pat: Did you know I love you with all my heart?
Kalyn: Did you know I love you with all my pulmonary veins, atrium, ventricles, and valves?
Pat: Did you know I love you almost as much as Calculus?

Gee...I feel honored.

Anyways, sorry for not writing as much this week! I'm working on a few more tonight, so stay updated! I have some exciting news! :)


Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Been iced and snowed in here too!
Am on day #3, yikes...I am lovin' it.
I have busied myself with cookin' and crafts.
Today I am makin' all my gal pals home~made PINK chocolate covered pretzel loops in a darlin' clear/red polka dots candy jar, complete with a grosgrain ribbon bow! I am lovin' this gift of time to get some things done!

Mrs. Kindergarten

pittsburghprepster said...

Oh my gosh that sounds absolutely adorable Mrs. Kindergarten! What a perfect Valentine's Day idea! I may have to steal it! I was looking up crafts last night! How fun!

I also agree, as dreadful as the weather is, it gives you more time to focus on other things. I am in the craft/cooking mood myself! Stay warm!


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