Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Animal Crackers in My Soup

Hey Preps!

I have something to admit.  I have a huge problem, and it especially comes out during Easter time.  Today my phobia has been at an increased state resulting in my anxiety due to my hunger finally overcoming this phobia.  Lots of people have phobias.  Some hate heights, some hate spiders (ask my roommate who slept on top of her covers last night due to a spider incident)...I have a phobia with eating anything that is shaped and/or looks like an animal.

Yep.  So Easter time when Peeps shaped like innocent bunnies and chicks come out...I can't bare to watch someone bite their poor heads off.  This phobia all started as a little girl.  My obsession was lambs.  Maybe I watched too much Lamb Chops, or maybe it was my plethora of colored lambs my parents bought me as a baby...either way, my dad would take me past a farm on my way to school as a little girl, and we would baaaaa at the un-expecting sheep.  

My childhood best friend and I at a Halloween costume contest parade
...I was a genie for Halloween
but of course had to bring my LAMB with me

Years later I was crowned and was giving the same responsibility
of judging the Halloween parade that my LAMB and I were
in together years before...ironically that childhood best friend
was my first runner up

Then there was gym class.  Ladybugs would sneak into the heated gym at my small private school to try to stay warm.  While the other kids were stomping over them while playing dodge ball, I was collecting them and moving them to a safe environment.  (Maybe this is why I had not problem pinning and identifying 600 different species of insects for my Invertebrate Zoology class years later?)

Regardless.  You can see, that I do have a mild passion for animals.  So when Easter comes around...I still have trouble eating cute chick Peeps, Lamb shaped cookies, and chocolate bunnies.  Although it is getting better...today I ate a bunny Peep.  I was proud, but guilt soon succumbed me.  

I really don't know why this is such a problem for me.  You are probably laughing at how ridiculous this phobia of mine is.  Go ahead and laugh, I admit it definitely is unique.  But in the meantime I will stick to chocolate eggs and jellybeans.  (The funny thing is, I eat meat..not lamb, but anything else....)

So what does any of this have to do with animal crackers?  Well I bet you guessed that it has been hard for me to eat animal crackers as well...however I might make an exception.  

My exception is thanks to Lilly Pulitzer who wants you to Join The Hunt.  Lilly is encouraging so by gifting a pack of their very own...personally designed...Barnum Animal Crackers with every online purchase!  I mean given the fact I tend to hoard everything Lilly (even tags sometime) I own...it would be pretty neat to keep the cute box that these poor animal crackers come in.  Don't you think?

Leave it to Lilly to do something this adorable!

Does this give me an excuse to buy yet another Lilly dress?  I think it does! Especially with the new spring arrivals!  I also just love the new collection pictures...take a look:
I love the Claire Dress Silk Jersey in this pattern

Can I please have a little girl that looks 

I love everything Seersucker...especially this Blossom Dress

Hello cute wedges and hot pink chair!

(photo credits: Lilly Pulitzer)

I have two very important questions to ask you:

#1.  What are your favorite Lilly picks this spring?
#2. If you are a vegetarian is it considered humane to bite the heads off of animal crackers?


Marian said...

I'm hoping I can find a box around Baltimore somewhere!! And to be completely honest, I think its too hard to pick a favorite. Lilly does Spring too well!!

Ashley Lauren said...

Hey gorgeous just stoppin by to let you know I gave you the stylish blogger award! Have a great day lovebug! xo

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