Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Reversible Bow Tie

Hey Preps!

Wanna know something?  I am obsessed with bow ties!  Yep, I wish every guy on this planet would wear one daily.  I just love em'.  You can see my love for them by checking out my post: Bow Ties Make Me Swoon.  Today I was browsing Brooks Brothers' website, and came across their new Spring 2011 Social Primer Collection.  Guess what they have?  (If you couldn't already tell from my post title)

REVERSIBLE BOW TIES!  I honestly want to buy every single one for Pat.

Brooks Brothers, you have done it again.  This collection sticks to the classic patterns that we all love; such as madras, seersucker, classic stripes...etc.  yet mixes these patterns in a playful and inventive way.  This collection is a collaboration with Social Primer.  We all know Social Primer sticks to tradition.  Brooks Brothers takes this tradition and turns it into a key summer piece that every classically dressed boy will be dying to have.  Just in time for summer too!

Here are my absolute favorites from the collection:

Satin Twill Rep Stripe and Anchors
Perfect for a Naval Academy Mid?

Oars and Blue Rep Stripe

Blue Rep Stripe and Blue Plaid

Framed Split Stripe and Seahorse 
(love the pink and green)

Repp Dot and Madras (one of my absolute favorites)

Pink and Green Repp Stripe and Seersucker...

Framed Split Stripe and Gingham 

Seersucker Stripe and Madras

Aren't these just divine?  I DIE. 
To the gentlemen who read my blog...please do yourselves a huge favor and invest in one (or all) of these!  They make me envious I can't properly wear one!  

Thank you Brooks Brothers and Social Primer for such a wonderful collection!  

Two of Pat's friends and fellow midshipmen:  Gray and Ty
Ty has a great blog...called The Hunter Hampton Collection
perfect for all you classy gents out there. 


Beth Dunn said...

Love them! And that you are still cheering for the steelers even though they aren't playing. So sweet

The City Boy said...

these are amazing!

Preppy Wife Preppy Life said...

These are so great!

DSS said...

Thank you for being my personal shopper :) You always find the most awesome things, and I've completely missed them. TEN will look divine in the Pink and Green Repp Stripe and Seersucker I do believe!

The Pink Tutu said...

So cute! I just love bowties :)

Miss Southern Prep said...

Ahhh LOVE these! I wish I had a boyfriend to dress in these! Bow ties make me swoon!

TeReSa said...

Great Bow Ties!!!

BoTyz said...

These are really great. We like them as much as ours.

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