Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'd Rather Be Sailing

Hey Preps!

Yesterday a gleam of hope came from the half-day of warm weather.  Today was filled with rain and cold, yet again.  I am beginning to become discontent with the cold, given it is now the middle of April.  Maybe the fact I have spent the past two years down south that brings about my frustrations of this dreary weather.  Regardless, today I was looking at some great boating pictures...and I am completely jealous.

I am ready for warm weather, sundresses, shorts, and time spent on the water.  I can't wait for summer trips,  days at the lake, and days in Annapolis.  So warm weather, if you are listening...please hurry to the Northeast!

In the meantime, I will live vicariously through these snapshots...and the Polyvore inspired by them:

Well hello there!  How about I join you boys on your excursion?
(I DIE.)

Can this please be me? Right now? Instead of writing the huge lab report I have put off.  
This would be the perfect day in my opinion.  (Pat, if you read this...HUGE HINT for future days).

Here is the Polyvore I created:

#1.  J. Crew: Sweater, Adele Shorts, Panama Hat  
       Sperry Top-siders: 2-Eye Boat Shoes

#2. J. Crew: Seersucker Bathing Suit, Straw Hat
Kate Spade: Sunglasses (I own this pair)
Lilly Pulitzer: Sandals

#3.  ModCloth: Dress
Kohls: Straw Hat
Ray-Ban: Sunglasses
Forever 21: Espadrilles

Hope y'all are having a much warmer, sunnier week!


ShortBlonde said...

Yesterday was so gorgeous! Lately I've found myself longingly looking at pictures from last summer...can't wait to be back at the beach :)

Cat said...

Ha! I think that I would fall off the pier if that boat of hotness pulled up to shore :) I have always, always wanted to go sailing…someday (I hope! :))

The City Boy said...

i need warm weather...its adding to my already stressed out life that the weather is so crappy around here

Ashley Lauren said...

I love #2!!! Seersucker anything and I die! xoxo

Miss Lindsay said...

And can I be one of the friends on the boat? Right now?? hahha

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