Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Buy Me Shoes or Purses...I Will Love You Forever

Hey Preps!

Yesterday, it finally started to feel like spring!  It reached 70 degrees, and then it down-poured...thundered...and now it's cold again.  When is it going to be warm?  It is now April, and my itch for spring the began in February...is now desperation.

To relieve some of my Lack of Spring-itis, I decided to make Polyvores of my top picks of shoes and bags this coming spring! 

Vera bradley tote

Marc by marc jacobs handbag
$250 - net-a-porter.com

Ben de Lisi striped handbag
24 GBP - debenhams.com

Kate Spade vinyl tote bag
$225 - nordstrom.com

Nautical tote bag
$25 - cherryredboutique.com

Lilly Pulitzer floral tote
$148 - saksfifthavenue.com

Kate spade handbag
$125 - endless.com

Nautical seems to be a huge theme this spring (which I loooooove because of Pat).  The Vinyl Tote Bag by Kate Spade would be perfect to take to the bay since it is durable.  I of course love Pink and Green, so between the Lilly Pullitzer tote and Kate Spade handbag, my niche will be perfected.  

J crew shoes
$98 - jcrew.com

Topshop shoes
$38 - topshop.com

Lilly pulitzer shoes
$198 - footcandyshoes.com

Leather boat shoes
$75 - sperrytopsider.com

Sperry slip on shoes
$75 - sperrytopsider.com

Kate spade shoes
$225 - couture.zappos.com

Kate spade shoes
$225 - endless.com

J Crew ballerina shoes
$58 - jcrew.com

Hunter rubber rain boot
$125 - bloomingdales.com

J Crew sport shoes
$78 - jcrew.com

Yesterday my "to the gym" attire consisted of Naval Academy Shorts, a workout top, and Wellies.  I could just live in Wellies, although I'm glad it doesn't rain every day.  For those who prefer to stay dry without rain boots, the J. Crew rubber ballerina shoes are waterproof...as well as the L.L. Bean Coastal Skimmers that I post about way too much (and wear just as often).  I also of course added duck boots.  I love mine, and love the fact they can get muddy.  I'm ready to splash in some mud puddles!

As for flats, spring is the time where you can make them stand out a bit more.  This is why I chose Kate Spade flats.  They definitely will get people looking at your feet more often...not sure if that's a good thing or not.  You decide.

Next on the list, Sperrys!  Do I even need to say more?  They are comfy, slip-proof, cute, and come in so many styles and patterns.  For example, the Seersucker Anglefish pair above.  How cute!

So as we are once again expecting snow in PA,  these spring staples are what is going to be getting me through this chilly Tuesday.  Wishing you all a warm and fun-filled spring day!  


Ashley Lauren said...

This is why I love your blog! lol I love Vera Bradley! I know a lot of prepsters are 'over' it but I love all my VB. I got a new set around Christmas in the 'very berry paisley' print. Now I want the jewelry roll but it's only available in the new prints so I like 'folkloric' the best. I love sperrys, the pink hunters, and the j.crew jelly ballerina flats! so cute :)

The City Boy said...

the lilly shoes are great...i love the pink and green sandals.

Ive been trying to get my hands on duck shoes from LL Bean since winter and they were back ordered until April! :(

Trish said...

Oh sweetheart you made my day with this post! I think between us girls we need one of each and we can share!! :) The Ben de Lisi bag is a MUST HAVE and those pink and green ruffle Lilly sandals I DIE! Happy happy day to you!! xoxo

Kori said...

Great post honey!!! I completely agree! Kori xoxo

Miss Southern Prep said...

I'm loving all of your picks! I love those Lilly wedges, and you know I'm obsessed with those Hunters! Hope you're having a wonderful day, minus the cold, rainy weather!

Mrs. Kindergarten said...

Had to have the Lilly pink n green sandals.
Just to get a fix of SUMMER dreams I take them out of the box and wear them for a moment or two. They are fabulous, seriously!

Mrs. Kindergarten

katelyn w said...

I love the pink vinyl tote and the lilly tote. You can never have enough!
This is getting my exciting for the spring weather to come for good!!
xoxo, kmw

Anonymous said...

Hey, I need your help! I am looking for a lilly pulitizer dress in Pittsburgh. Where can you buy one?? I was at Ross Park mall the other day and Nordstroms nor Macy's carry Lilly. Can you tell me? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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