Friday, April 22, 2011

Hat Do You Do?

Hey Preps!

Hope you all are having a blessed Good Friday.  It's quite rainy here which I find appropriate.  Although I really wish the sun was out.  Thanks to the holiday weekend, I have off at my family's house...and my creative juices are currently flowing.

Last night I was perusing my mothers closet for hats.  My mom has an abundance of hats thanks to my lovely grandma who wore a hat daily...and sadly passed away from Ovarian Cancer several years ago.  Her classic and unique style still finds it's place within my home.  From my inherited authentic cowboy boots to vintage jewelery, ending with her endeared hats, my grandma will always live on in our hearts, and through our outfits.

Why was I stalking my mom's hats today?  You see there is an annual croquet tournament in Annapolis next weekend, in which the Midshipmen take on St. Johns College, also located in Maryland's capitol.  Sad to say that the Midshipmen have a history of losses to St. Johns, but it doesn't lose reason for me (or Pat who has been planning his outfit for weeks) to dress up.  It is great fun, and the fashions found at this event make me drool.

On the ladies' end, a very popular trend is to wear a hat and sundress combination.  Given all the free time I have today, I thought I would put together a few outfits to see what y'all thought:

Dress: Anne Taylor
Hat: Passed down to my momma from my grandmother

Kitty had to come be in the pictures.  (and get hair all over my dress)

Dress: Vineyard Vines

Dress: The Limited

Sir Maxwell didn't like Kitty getting all the attention

Smelling the fake flowers
Dress: Lilly Pulitzer

Which combination is your favorite? I can't decide (and have three other combinations I didn't take pictures of)!  I also put together a Polyvore of some of my own personal favorite hats:
Hats Galore

Hats Galore by pittsburghprep featuring a wide brim floppy hat

Couldn't you just wear one everyday?  


The City Boy said...

these pictures are great...taken yourself??

Lilly of course!

myfwbs said...

My vote is for the first outfit. I love the black and white. It's very sophisticated. I love the Lilly outfit too, but as much as I love my Lilly Pulitzer, I think it is often overdone. I like the unexpected!

All the outfits are gorgeous though :)

Ashley Lauren said...

I vote for the first outfit or the last Lilly one with the pink hat. You look adorable in all of them thought..hope you have a wonderful Easter beautiful girl!! xo

Laurie of Lulu and Daisy said...

Fabulous hats!

Town and Country Prep said...

Def Lilly!

JMW said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I have to say, I love the first photo - the hat and dress really work well together. I vote YES! BTW, my hubby, while a born-and-bred Kentucky boy, is a HUGE Steelers fan. Which means, I am too, now. Go Steelers! :)

Kori said...

You look adorable honey! Kori xoxo

Royar said...

I love all of your hats! You are adorable! XOXO

ashley nicole catherine said...

so cute! love those hats! have to agree..the first outfit is awesome!


Maggie @ CheapCollegeChic said...

i love the first outfit the best! hope my opinion helps a little :)

dawn marie said...

If the weather is warm and sunny, wear the Lilly frock.
If the weather is nice, but kind of gloomy, wear the black and white ensemble.
There's my vote :)

Miss Lindsay said...

I agree with the comment above. You'll look great no matter what you choose!

Samantha Mizzi said...

I love the Lilly Pulitzer dress! Where do you buy your hats !?

Stephanie said...

The first one or the last one!

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