Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can My Family Look Like This? Please?

Hey Preps!

It's what I'm loving Wednesday, and what I am currently loving is Brooks Brothers' new catalogue.  Of course I love the clothes, but have you seen the pictures inside?  If not, you can look at the catalogue online by clicking here.  From argyles, pink and greens, to the current popular nautical trend of navy and white...the Spring 2011 Collection from Brooks Brothers is to die for.  Not only so, but the photography and modeling found within their catalogue is truly exceptional (my roommate and I drooled over it yesterday).  

Particularly this adorable picture from the catalogue:

I have a sailor dress just like the little girls.  Not sure if that's a bad thing or not, given I'm not that little anymore...  But can we please die over the little boy's pants and belt?  I am envious of every single fake model family member. I just pray for a beautiful family like this one day. This is just perfect.  All-American, timeless, nautical, would think it's the Kennedys we are talking about here.  

Leave it to Brooks Brothers to once again leave me speechless.

Two more days til the weekend!  Woop Woop!


ShortBlonde said...

I think the same thing flipping through the BB catalogues- "Can this be my future please?" :)

The City Boy said...

i love preppy kids clothes...every time i walk by the RL kids store it makes me want to have little kids to dress preppy!

Miss Lindsay said...

Definition of picture perfect!!!

Tony (College Trad) said...

It's funny you mention, because last winter I dressed up my parents and older brother in southern traditional style for our formal photo shoot, and I used the seasonal Brooks Brothers catalog as my influence. Even our dog was sported out in argyle! Now our family photo is proudly situated on top of our fireplace mantle and visitors always remark how "presidential" we look.

Jessica said...

I agree. This is prepfection! The kids look too cute. I love the mother's outfit.

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