Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gant I Have it All?

Hey Preps!

Today I was browsing through Gant's new catalogue, and I am smitten.  First let me tell you that this company has some great roots.  You can browse through the history of Gant's legacy by clicking here.  They also have a unique timeline explaining their unique history.

Gant is a company that is perfectly designed for east coast style, with it's combination of elegance and practicalness.  East coast dwellers can attest for wanting to look put-together in a non-challant way.  Gant achieves this hard to reach classic style.

Below are some of Gant's ad campaigns for Spring/Summer 2011:
I could definitely wear this around Annapolis.  

I found this picture hilarious...just observe its context.
Clearly she is not too happy about their car mishap ruining
her perfect night of elegance.

After browsing Gant's collections, I have (indecisively) narrowed down some of my favorite picks for this spring:

Collegiate Seersucker Blazer (in pink!!!)

Washed Satin Blocked Dress

Fancy Blocked Dress (they have it in pink too)

Rugger Dress

Front Pleated Dress (in pink as well)

Classic Pique Dress

Collegiate Paisley Stretch SS Shirt

Gingham Checked Shirt

Yacht Club Washed Satin Skirt

Wide Sailor Pants (I am dying for these)

Those are my top picks from Gant!  Do you have any personal favorites?


The City Boy said...

i am obsessed with GANT...every time i walk by their little store on Bleecker im so tempted to go in (which is too frequently!).

Ashley Borysewich said...

i love all of those! gorgeous!

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