Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's On My Desk?

Hey Preps!

The semester is unwinding, and the weeks seem to blur together.  Between the papers, tests (that professors always HAVE to include before finals), finalizing summer internships, working, and being a full time student...time does seem short.  However, there are a few things that seem to make those studying blues deflate slightly.  So today, I took a quick snapshot of what is on my dorm room's desk:

I truly believe every college student needs a HUGE calendar.  As you can see, I scribble all over mine.  It's a great way to be instantly reminded of events and due dates just by a quick glance.  

On the far left corner, you can also see a flash card holder.  I take mine with me to my Chemistry classes, and just rewrite formulas and memorize them that way.  

Other basic things found on my desk, are sticky notes (with a K, for Kalyn), textbooks, tissues for that occasional sneeze or panic attack, pictures of Pat because I miss him during the week, and a horribly made ceramic pot (by yours truly) filled with fake flowers.  

As you can see I have numbered some of the items on my desk.  Why?  Because I think every preppy girl should have these:

#1.  Pink Polka-Dot Lamp (with a K on it, although you cannot tell) from T.J. Maxx
#2.  "Stuck on You" Sticky Notes and a Koozie (for that occasional Diet Coke) from Lilly Pulitzer
#3. Thermal Mug for the not so occasional coffee from Lilly Pulitzer
#4. Anchored Weekly Planner to keep my busy life fashionably organized from Sarah Pinto
#5. Cute Love Postcards to send to friends (I Whaley Like You) by ModCloth
#6. Blink by Malcolm Gladwell a great book that really allows you to make great and fast decisions
What's a must have on your desk?


Miss Southern Prep said...

A Lilly koozie with a Diet Coke in it is definitely a staple on my desk! I'm also addicted to post-its! Good luck with all of your work!

Raulston said...

That is where I spend most of my time lately (a cozy desk in the lib). Best of luck on your finals! P.S. Gladwell is a superb writer.

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